Biden Solves World Poverty – Just Raise Minimum Wage

The USA no longer needs to send billions in foreign aid. Poverty stricken countries due to poor management, simply need to raise minimum wage.

Thanks to Biden’s newly discovered single-facet cure for poverty, the entire world will now be out of poverty. Why didn’t anyone figure this out before?

This child-minded solution has already been tried in costal cities. Seattle and Portland are two common use cases. The results were increased operating costs due to labor costs, causing a reduction in the labor force at businesses. Money does not materialize from thin air. Unless it’s a carbon credit scam.

This will cause employers to choose younger, more energetic employees name cause a single employee will have to do the work of two employees. These are already the most time inefficient jobs for employees to begin with.

It is easier to learn a valuable skillset from a trade school or university (STEM) and get paid much more than minimum wage. Not studying something valuable may appear to be the easy path, but it is the oath to life long struggle and zero control of your life.

Recall, fast food, grocery related, and other zero skill jobs (not careers) were primarily occupied by children during school as a stop gap. These positions were never meant to support a thinking adult or worse, with children. But people make terrible decisions or terrible things can happen to them and the end up there. Those are the exception, not the rule.

So harm to poor decision makers is difficult to inflict. Policies like these harm small business owners; the people that actually worked hard, saved, and put in the effort and planning to risk starting a business.

These policies are tools to further push the Agenda 21, which is to eliminate small businesses, which provide freedom and choice and only leave the Amazon’s intact.

Americans are free to shop where ever. Enticed by saving a couple dollars or cents, we have knowingly been destroying small businesses with the Walmarts (proven to kill town economies) and now we have Amazon, which is the version 2 – more effective and efficient.

We have always held the choices in our hands. We seem to be choosing the wrong way, every time. We as an aggregate – especially liberals and blind conservatives.

What will wake us up?

Biden’s Inauguration Gift – Impeachment

Impeachment to start first day for Biden. He certainly will make history! The papers should be on his desk, as part of his onboarding package. Or maybe his personal Chinese agent will present them. Either way, every action has a reaction.

Patriots duties are to start local level recalls on all corrupt politicians in every city, in every state. The time for action is now.

If you are interested in coordinating your local area group which includes collecting signatures and reaching out to the local communities for this grass roots effort, contact ACP. The work must continue.

Was It An Insurgency? & ACP Updates

Absolutely not. It is time to get some perspective, children. Liberals, the child-,minded adults that constantly exaggerate every event for drama, because they figured out they get more Instagram views if they pretended to be an abused child. Victim culture is born.

It is time for them to stop lying – exaggeration is not telling the truth – it is to purposefully deceive – it is lying. This is all that media and the liberals do. Conservatives get it from both sides. Profiteering on the right and deception from the left.

A brief history of insurgencies will quickly show you a couple common requirements to test for an insurgency. There are two main elements. The first is a massive armed group and the second is the piles of bodies as the result of the insurgency.

Let’s put these two tests on the capital incident.

No Weapons
No weapons, no real weapons, no weapons of an insurgency. And yes, anyone can get lucky and sneak a massive amount of weapons to any place. If you believe a stick or crossbow is a weapon for a serious insurgency, you have brain damage or are mentally ill. Not with over 300 million firearms available.

No Bodies
There were five people dead. If you have perspective and even a child’s level of knowledge of history of insurgencies, 5 dead is nothing. It is flu season after all. The reality is there would have been multiple trails of bodies that would be along the path of the insurgent group, posted guards along the route for security, and Lets just say much much more than small arms. If my dead friend Mr. Mackawaka in Iran can whip up a surprise to disable a light armored vehicle, there are at least a million people hear that can stumble their way through it.

Stop Exaggerating
Another rehearsed actors line they are all saying is “we almost died, especially the poc’s”. Well, POC is not slang for ‘piece of crap’ though if you classify people by it, you may be. The ‘black leaders’ have certainly capitalized for attention on this to say they were going to hang them had they gotten in. Absurd. We all know if there was an agenda for that, it would be done elsewhere. Get real. And same with the politicians. They do not have enough protection 24/7 to protect against a serious group – not even close. They would be done very quickly, without warning, and they would not even know what happened.

But these things have not happened because no one wants those things to happen. It has always been up to the people.

There was no storming of the capital.
There was no coordinated event using radios and other role-playing crap.
There were not enough armed personal to do anything except break some glass and get shot in the neck.
There were zero casualties from an insurrection because an insurrection did not take place.

Yet, we still have every tv drama actor politicians, religious leader, and other cockroaches spouting out obvious lies. The problem with saying these things is it tends to make them happen. Media has been pushing all of this and it has been playing out to our surprise to a certain extent on a normalcy bias.

So politicians, if your lies come true – if you make them materialize by repeating them over and over – you should carefully consider exactly what lies you want to come true. Keep saying ‘everyone wants you dead’ and someone with nothing to lose will most likely help you.

Some polite advise would be to stop lying. Then it would be silent.

ACP Updates

We have frequently mentioned AOC’s hit list request – ‘to track those terrible Trump supporters and make them pay, isolate them, and destroy their finances.’ – previously

If you have not see the website, you should visit it. See if your name is on it. We have seen what AOC is not an idle threat. It is indeed in action per se actions against Trump in banking and other instruments. They are going after everyone who donated to trump – this is very real. lists the name, address, and political parties; including the amounts that were donated, and even a break down of the neighborhood along with ‘affiliate people’ that may be related. It is an extremely expensive (which mean is is financially backed) information mining operation. These websites are used to discriminate against conservatives; republicans specifically.

If you or a family member is applying for employment, a loan or lease, rental agreements; this site is being used to look you up and see where you stand. It is a truly a communist tool that is more powerful than any communist dictatorship has ever had in history. This is the only point in time where such a tool has been created. This is a materialization of something very bad with its only a purpose to cause harm to another person, directly and efficiently.

ACP is countering these databases by creating similar databases with incorrect information – if someone wants to discriminate against someone else by using these tools, they will get the wrong information and have it effect themselves. It simply switches peoples parties.

It is not a simply project. It is complicated, expensive, time consuming, and has over 150 million people and many more times that of donation transaction histories. Collecting this data, building multiple counter-websites to, and modifying the political information in a believable way is very difficult.

This is the only reason we have asked for help from our members. Donations are running this project, barely. Biden is in office in a couple weeks. All hell will break loose and you WILL see media advertise these political lookup websites so they can promote discrimination. These sites are the only real, concrete tool they have had so far – they will promote them.

If we do not have multiple counter-websites to confuse the types of people that would use them, in time, they will get too far ahead to catch up. This is a typical race-to-market scenario, but for ALL conservatives livelihood and financial futures to a certain degree.


We can not loose again. Take action now!

What is Next

After the completion of the anti-donor watch (anti-dw) websites, we have some security focused tools coming. It has become more clear it is better to have our own platforms. Our new website will be much faster and will secured features like chat and forums – person to person encryption (PGP – unbreakable) so messaging can only be read by its intended recipient.

Next is the game-changer. This will be a peer to peer social media platform that works similar to torrenting (see bit torrent) – members can host content if they like and using vpns and encryption, along with unlimited hosts – technically, will be not possible to shut down.

We have heard people mention mesh networks and other methods to prevent censorship. An already tested technology, for decades, can be utilized to host content on a distributed virtual network (like running your email program on your laptop), and allow people to connect directly to each other to send and receive content. All highly encrypted and secure.

This has not been done before because it is not centralized and therefore, not easy, almost impossible to monetize centrally. No one has released a platform like this, even though it has been developed multiple times simply because there is not enough money in it and it can not be controlled.

This is exactly what we want. Un-centralized. Uncensored. Unstoppable (practically).

If you have doubts your donations are being put to good use – these are the plans. You can have a critical part in creating something that is truly game-changing. If this is adopted, social media on the internet will never be the same again. With people looking for alternatives, there is a very high probability it will be adopted and the rest will be history.

Internet Security – What VPN?

No, we are not affiliates, sponsors, or linked in in way to ExpressVPN.

You got your anonymous protonmail, tin-fold hat, and tin-foil gloves; and now you want to become untraceable over the internet. You are looking at VPN providers.

We will not put up a list and and rank them – google for that.

ExpressVPN is one of the best. Here is why:

  • Up to 5 vpn clients (devices) at once for each subscription
  • extremely fast – limited to your internet connection unless you are fiber or something crazy
  • Software will stop all internet activity if the client is not connected (think a email in the outbox, the internet gets interrupted, it re-connects but your vpn is not connected – your ip address which is your location is exposed) — this is a very good feature and should be a requirement for all but is not
  • Selectable locations over the globe and easy to connect
  • Can run on mobile, mac, and windows – a requirement also
  • If you are a script linux geek, you can do that too

And, over the many years we have used them (and this writer personally), with using 6 accounts at 5 connections (30 24/7 connections), there has never been an outage besides that cause by the local internet provider.

Definitely worth it. Of course, you all can comment to recommend from your experiences.

Schwarzenegger’s thoughts on the capitol ‘insurrection’

Note: A member was considering closing his membership from this posting – he wanted clarification – where do I (we) stand. First, cancel culture is a road to isolation – a road to nowhere. Do not feed into it. People are fickle and damn stupid with short memories – this will fade. Unless everyone keeps this childish cancel culture going. It requires two sides to keep it going.

Second, Arnold is obviously a Hollywood elite. Has always has been. He is a politician. And in this case, he is a fucking liar. We know what an ‘insurrection’ is. There were far too many standing buildings, and by far not enough bodies to be a real ‘insurrection’ in the real world. Arnold exaggerated and called it that – he is a fucking liar. I enjoy his work (fantasy films as a tough guy; but he is not) and I like his general comments on work ethic. But, he is out of touch. Maybe in twitter land, a couple bodies is WW3, but in the real world, that is a difficult fuel-up or a wrong turn or a bad couple of minutes or maybe a nice drive in the sand for some.

Schwarzenegger’s thoughts on the capitol ‘insurrection’. Should there be limits? Was it wrong? Can doing right bring right?

Who is being lied to and who is being misled? Everyone on both sides are. There is no perfect information.

As Arnold states ‘we need to put our democracy first’ in this high production value script. He is saying what he believes- from what he was told – because he certainly was not there.

Exaggeration of the actors and media aside, Trump exposed so much corruption within the election process and at so many levels.

But we knew it. We always knew it. How do these civil servants amass hundreds of millions of dollars from their C-level $190,000/yr salaries? How is it possible? Only through deals. Money doesn’t materialize. It is transferred from one party to another. Electronically, donated, or cash in an envelope. But we all know this. We always knew this.

So what is the difference now? We didn’t know much? Yes we did. The election was stolen – it’s happened every time. Candidates are chosen by their groups before they even run. They are groomed. They are taught to speak and taught what to say. This is how it has been for over 50 years. We all knew the game.

So what did the left want since 2016? What does the right want now? We know the left was waiting, planning, coordinating; all these events from protests, media coverage, and most importantly, how the elections were technically handled.

The right is also waiting; the clock just started ticking. Will conservatives put in the same effort the democrats did?

It’s going to take more than playing militia. That alone would never have worked in 1776. It took smart people, working together, creating a plan, working on it everyday, and believing it will work.

The pen is mightier than the sword. In countries like America, it is the only thing that will work. We are left with local politics and implementing change from the ground up. And it works. The democrats just did it though with a darker agenda.

Perhaps there should be a conservative voting software company.

DC: Women Shot

Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) Tweeted:
A woman was shot by the neck in the US Capitol Building during the skirmishes between the protestors and the security hi

Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) Tweeted: A woman was shot by the neck in the US Capitol Building during the skirmishes between the protestors and the security

It is Starting – The Evictions

With the shutdowns, small businesses are closed. People have no income and no ability to make a living. It is illegal to earn money for food or to pay rent. Some big city departments and police show their true colors.

Maybe, you are lucky enough to work at national chain – Walmart, Amazon, all the businesses that have much more traffic and can not abide by social distancing; yet are allowed to operate with impunity.

First the evictions of renters. Home owners take a bit longer to kick out and make a family homeless. Any home owners lucky enough to be able to afford rentals will quickly saturate the rental market, causing rental prices to increase.

The phenomenon of a high rental sellers market but low rental income will persist as old renters are evicted. The housing market is booming due to tech workers moving out of cities and going where they want to live.

Basically, it is multiple contradictory events happening that can lead to desperate homeless people that used to be normal working class (not the mentally ill drug addicts the homeless normally consist of).

Chinese investors scooping up homes causing the pricing increases – we are all ready seeing 25-25k increases in Portland, not far from the Red house or downtown riots.

And if Biden takes office, it will be a fire sale for China. There is a tipping point where all hell will break loose. Desperate citizens will do crazy things – we already see an increase in ‘ATM friends’ – where a friend comes up behind you at the ATM and beat the shit out of you so you will share your withdrawal.

And as the regular criminals get more desperate, BLM ( burn loot murder) will be rising drastically. Get ready to be shot for a subway sandwich.

Apple Closes All CA stores, 53 Locations [and dozens across the US]

[Correction: And dozens across the US. By Dozens, this can mean 12, 24, 36, 128, 500…. They are focusing on online sales and do not need the retail stores. People know what their products are. They have redesigned their website to enhance the online sales experience. We are not talking about thousands of jobs nationwide. This affects thousands more families, landlords who can not get their rent, banks that do not get their mortgage payments, and then we will see another BAILOUT – so we and our children are left paying for this greed once again. There are increasing rumors of another real estate crash, and after a real estate crash is a massive banking overhaul and bailout. ]


That is another 500+ jobs plus supporting roles in administrative eliminated. Another 20-30 in the supply chain to get phones from build to store. These types of jobs provide only enough to live paycheck to paycheck; like so many others. They will not be able to pay rent, purchase food, or get the new x box games.

Meanwhile, online sales are skyrocketing. Apple will be just fine with their slave labor in India, as every small child should have a job. Profits will be even hire due to outlet brick and mortar stores closing.

Many chain stores have seen record profits from covid. Media went from obsolete to massive viewership. Politics has created heroes and villains on social media.

Certainly, covid and the shutdowns are a very very beautiful thing for many people. These people are sick and need to be stopped.

Chances are, if you check your state or city, there are recall petitions that remain unknown due to suppression. Please take a look. Post them here to show the people they exist and are being hidden.

NOTICE; We will be releasing the information from our data mining project this week. This first round is 620,000 names and addresses AOC has DOXed of conservative supporters. This is one on the lists they use to discriminate against you, your family, and your business based on who you donated to. If you are on this list, you absolutely should know. Please donate today to support these projects. Software developers are expensive.

Mass Drownings As Californian Try to Shower With Masks On

Are California’s really that stupid? They did create a democratic Idiocracy. Idiocracy is a futuristic comedy where only the popular Instagram type politicians are elected by the dumbed down population. By futuristic, it is starting to look like it now.

Biden is a Hologram

No one has seen Biden close up in years. Is Biden just another realistic laser driven hologram puppet Las Vegas show? Prove that he is not. Hehe

The mass exodus is the California Governor’s Legacy. Just as in New York, levels of shutdown areas are arbitrarily decided based upon property value for their own purchase later. Or targeting business owners that have spoken out on social media or tv. This is massive misuse of powers they do not even possess- but they do posses it, or their orders to stop down businesses would not work.

By now, every thinking citizen of the world realizes shutdown to extensively more damage to the citizens via multiple mechanisms. Causing mass panic and fear is one. This generates a wave of mass consumer good hoarding, which does generate business, but only to businesses that are open. How long have you been cutting your own hair btw?

We end up with a unstable rush/lull economy, crippled to everyone without the big box ticket (chain stores are all open), and the fore losers are starting.

There is a estimated 12 million (extremely low) people behind at least 6k on their rent and mortgages. When this sets off, we will see an effect of massive rent increases for those who lost their homes and still somehow have funds to buy shelter – and these are families were are talking about – and a large amount who decide to stay, given the choice of going on the street or occupying a home, their home, at whatever means necessary.

Who Shot the Sheriff

It was Bob, with his AR, as these fuckers tried to kick his family out in the street. Hopefully, sheriffs will have enough morality to wait.

There are multiple situations that can make this current cold civil war go hot. All lead back to forcing citizens against the constitution. 2A, the ability to live free and work to provide food. Shutdowns causing criminalization of regular people going outside.

It will happen in some areas. According to other recent civil wars, the script calls for a massacre soon – to kick the violence off. Where will it be and when.