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How To Donate

We have identified a platform that will not be influenced by politics and takes a small percentage of the donation – Cash App.

Cash App is a mobile app that allows you to send your donation directly to our ACP account. It is simple and it is direct. Many conservative groups use Cash App without any issues. Cash App has proven to be immune to cancel culture.

How to Use Cash App

  1. Download the Cash App mobile application
  2. Setup your Cash App account – it is very simple and requires basic information
  3. Go to the Send Funds area in Cash App and put in the account: $newsandevents
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  5. Enter your ACP email or username to identify to us so we can raise your access
  6. Feel good that you have taken a tangible action to support the conservative base

In this coming dark winter and the years following, our conservative media will become increasingly rare and increasingly important.

Your donations specifically fund our special activities. Currently, we are consolidating the AOC hit list websites that DOX conservative citizens names and addresses. This requires resources to collect the information from these websites that contain literally MILLIONS of names, each ontheir own web page.

They want to give Lefists the ability to search a name in google and have it list their political affiliations using the google search engine (SEO). This is insidious. It has to be countered by creating counter information websites that provide conflicting information and drown them out.

Imagine you or a family member applies for a job. The hiring manager does a simple google search. Their name comes up and it says they or someone with the same last name has donated to a conservative. They place the job application in the ‘rejected’ folder. That is it.

If this is done on a massive scale and we have seen through this election cycle what is actually possible – they will snuff out any conservative by making them jobless, homeless, and penniless. Just for their political views.


Please donate what you can – even $25 can help our cause – OUR CAUSE – ALL OF US.