What is Vetting?
    Vetting is a deep verification of a members identity, associations, activities, and associates. Professionals will be conducting the vetting interviews, background checks; professional Investigators will be executing the ancillary requirements.

    Why Should I Get Vetted?
    Maybe. You will know if you are on the vetting list. If you have not been notified, you will be soon. Vetting serves a specific function; obviously, to view alerts would not require vetting. You will have a specific reason to be vetted based upon your role or planned role within ACP.

    Is Vetting Different Than ‘Verified Member’?
    Yes. A verified member is a member who is registered on ACP and the account information is linked to a real identity. This is accomplished via 3rd party verification through a subscription. A verified member can be traced to a specific person and address.

    How Do I Get Vetted?
    You will know if you are on the vetting list. If you have not been notified, you will be soon.

    Other Updates

    • Migration to the new email server has been successful. Emails should have no delay and all subscribers will receive them.
    • We are starting the email list re-org – this will allow opt-in and opt-out functionality and different types of lists (alerts only, notices, important posts, all posts).
    • Audio of article – we are testing a audio player for the articles. This will automatically convert the text to a voice. It is not that great. But, if you guys like it, we can do real voice overs so you can listen in your car while playing tetris on your phone, or at the gym.
      • Please provide feedback if you like the idea of these audio version (if in higher quality)
    • Planned: Forums have been added and are in the testing phase. This will allow for regular forum communication among ACP members!
    • Planned: ACP website training/introduction video – all platforms with so much functionality can be confusing to find and use things. Especially the way we have done it.
    • Planned: ACP website re-organization – we will be streamlining the website to make it easier to use and find information. This is also a step toward the mobile app.
    • Planned: mobile app phase 1 – our first release for beta testers will be:
      • Member authentication
      • Alerts (same levels as website)
      • Read ACP posts (INTEL)
      • Report Intel
      • Fingerprint login compatible
      • Additional pass code compatible
  • 2020-08-15 Member Notice: ACP News, New Email Server

    Hello all members,

    We are excited to update all of you on the state of ACP. We added this platform (ACP) as an easier to use, and more functional website for our members. This was almost one month ago. This addition required us to import the user accounts from the other website and start building out the new sections and functionality the old platform did not allow.

    Overall, it has been a success. We had a couple hiccups :
    – when we released this platform, we did not require members to log in – when we added this requirement, members that had never had to use their credentials had to reset their password. We watched this go one a week or so as we started locking down our content for members only.
    – we also had limitations on the email server. the default was 500/hr*24hrs (12k/day – we need 10x that at a minimum) – this was not even close to the throughput we needed – we reduced the emails we were sending to mitigate – we also believe some emails may have never reached members on the end of the mail list, however the software orders it.
    – we added new features – user verification, user location, site wide notices, private messaging, groups (similar to forums), and other features not activated – these enhancements are critical to the mission of ACP

    This notice serves two purposes – 1) a member update, 2) a new email server test

    Here is what we are asking: if you received this link in an ACP email, but have never received an email from ACP before (or at least not 1 per day): comment below. If there are more than 20 comments, we can assume it was an issue that is solved and no more comments needed.

    Thank you,