Psychological damage! Anyone Allowing This To Be Done To Your Children, Do Not Deserve Them!

Learned behavior like this will have a life long impact if not properly explained to children. This must also be eliminated asap.

Social cues as keeping your distance from other children and adults affects their social development and can lead to OCD type behavior, which will cause emotional distancing, and a conscience effort to keep their distance from other people. This can cause a ‘dehumanizing’ type effect to the children lacking proper parenting at home that would normally counteract this type of teaching.

The twilight zone episodes have already arrived. What this will result in is, children preferring mobile devices to communicate, even in the same room or proximity – instead of normal, healthy interactions. This is already a problem caused by social media and lack of parenting.

The results will show the worst will just get worse and the normal will be mildly affected and resist after their threshold is reached.

Let’s go out to play – then the children stand far apart and play on their phones. Maybe some virtual soccer or just the destructive facebook.

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