Until it stops, it will continue

Virginia man arrested at checkpoint. There is so much inertia; so many independent gears turning; many plans are already in process.

We many think it may be done, or just the start. The insignificant Capital incident. The fake protests which are honeypot traps to catch conservatives. Maybe things will run their course and be done.

What if one of these seemingly attemptive attempts are successful? What if they let it happen like open doors, bottled water, and warm coffee visitors of the Capital building? What if this is part of their plan to implement full lockdown, nation-wide, using local plan enforcement, national guard, and regular army and defense forces?

Maybe this would be extremely absurd a few weeks ago. But there appears to be a scripted path to a plan that is not stopping. So what if an attempt on the president is successful, or possibly worse, unsuccessful? Who will be blamed and who will be punished?

Can everything they say Trump was instead be their agenda? Martial law and true dictatorship. It would appear tests have been ongoing in New York and other states – just how much will the people endure or accept.

We are looking at the possibility of things calming down if nothing happens. The current administration always blames the last. Then they do their damage for the next president to inherit; all while footing the Bill to the American people. It is not ideal but life goes on. And we are awake as a nation now, so we can help fix it-we know what to do now. This is the best case scenario. Our constitution is being tested and it is surviving.

But an attempt will destroy any hope of moving on. It will solidify separation and devision. It will provide a difficult to dispute reason to counter true government dictatorship. And once it starts, these programs never stop. We still live with the Patriot Act.

The best scenario is everyone pauses through this time. No events. No news to spread. No reasons for accusations. One side stops. The other will have nothing to make up. Except that of which they create which are these operatives planned to be caught and the successful operatives they let succeed.

This ties into two major threads. The first is the prior ‘attempt’ on the governor which nothing besides talk was discovered- the second is the ‘coordinated communications’ at the Capitol since 4 people had sponge bob walky talkys and green pants.

These events happened that seemed insignificant and wildly exaggerated. Media spread it all around until they achieved maximum saturation. Why? The events were meaningless independently but totally support a future event. It all does.

Pray it does not happen. They can just say it happened at they caught someone. It will achieve a similar result. But a dramatic loud noise, secret service rushing in, a John F Kennedy level event, covered on live television with the perfect views for cameras would seal the deal.

5 thoughts on “Until it stops, it will continue

  1. I have a way to deal with this. Effectively. Reach out to me.

  2. Two quick thoughts came to mind when I read “Can everything they say Trump was instead be their agenda? Martial law and true dictatorship.”

    1.) Demonrats (and Deep Staters) are Masters of Projection –
    A.) “Trump – Russia, Russia, Russia” Russian hackers spied on, hacked and stole DNC email server data….No, It was Seth Rich a DNC Bernie Bro, and he was killed for it. However, DNC Russia, Russia, Russia: Demonrats took propaganda from Russia, through Chris Steele and used fraudulent documents to get FISA court clearance to Spy on Trump.
    B.) “Brett Kavanaugh forced himself on Christine Blasey Ford”. No witnesses, she didn’t know when, she was sure on where, because where she said wasn’t correct, who was there was not even close. However, Joe Biden has multiple claims with who, what, when where and how all provided by the victims.
    C.) “Trump used Quid Pro Quo trying to get the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden”. However, a full transcript of the phone call was released and NOTHING was inappropriate and NOTHING that was being claimed was even close to being said. What did happen was Joe Biden spoke plainly and clearly on video of how he used $1,000,000,000 and a quid pro quo threat, to get the Ukrainian investigator, who was investigating Hunter Biden fired from the investigation.

    So they are masters of projecting their own challenges of immoral and illegal behavior.

    2.) Demonrats (and Deep Staters) have never been satisfied with the power they have. If they can create false flags to institute stronger laws giving them more power (Waco, OKC Bombing, WTC 9/11, Naval Shipyard Shooting, Las Vegas shooting and dozens of other shootings); they will do whatever they have to and kill as many people necessary to get the control they want.

  3. Maybe Trump is going to arrest a bunch for treason under the Insurrection Act and just allowed them to keep building up troops and surrounding themselves …

    1. It would be nice. But things don’t work out that way. We try to be good people. We try to do what is right. But others have a different agenda. And they gave power and money.

      There are few of them and many of us. But unless we coordinate and cooperate on a large scale, to continue to do what is right, they know our numbers do not matter. They are right.

      When this country was founded, each citizen was involved in local politics at least. Neighbors would group and discuss and it resulted in politicians actually being monitored by the people and accountable as a result.

      Now, most good people do nothing or very little. We are distanced by Technolgy, and ignorant of local politics.

      How many can make a recent local bill that was passed, or name one that failed. Media certainly draws attention away from it – because people watch reality drama news now. It’s the people’s choice.

      Things can change. It will not be easy. But it is also not as difficult as we think. We just need to start watching, understanding, and discussing. Then others will learn and also discuss – people by nature enjoy teaching and helping if they can.

      The oath is clear. It’s the same path that’s always been there. We have already done it before. A few times as a nation.

      It’s time to return to the citizen politician era. This is required for our specific republic to work as designed. Or, we chose by doing nothing , to continue on the same path. People will follow the smartest in the room. It is time for each is used to become that person – and lead by example. In whatever capacity we can.

      There is no place for anger, blame, or fantasy solutions that magically appear and require no effort from us. We must consider what we say, be correct without exaggeration or drama, and offer realistic solutions.

      Or blame China. But the last time I checked, it was Americans counting ballots.

      1. I agree. We as Vets and Patriots have to unite and march as one unit to make change. We have the numbers, we have the knowledge and we have the skillsets. We know the games they are playing and how they are playing them. We DO NOT have the money backing us, so if we can’t do it at the Ballot box, then it may take the bullet box.

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