Biden Solves World Poverty – Just Raise Minimum Wage

The USA no longer needs to send billions in foreign aid. Poverty stricken countries due to poor management, simply need to raise minimum wage.

Thanks to Biden’s newly discovered single-facet cure for poverty, the entire world will now be out of poverty. Why didn’t anyone figure this out before?

This child-minded solution has already been tried in costal cities. Seattle and Portland are two common use cases. The results were increased operating costs due to labor costs, causing a reduction in the labor force at businesses. Money does not materialize from thin air. Unless it’s a carbon credit scam.

This will cause employers to choose younger, more energetic employees name cause a single employee will have to do the work of two employees. These are already the most time inefficient jobs for employees to begin with.

It is easier to learn a valuable skillset from a trade school or university (STEM) and get paid much more than minimum wage. Not studying something valuable may appear to be the easy path, but it is the oath to life long struggle and zero control of your life.

Recall, fast food, grocery related, and other zero skill jobs (not careers) were primarily occupied by children during school as a stop gap. These positions were never meant to support a thinking adult or worse, with children. But people make terrible decisions or terrible things can happen to them and the end up there. Those are the exception, not the rule.

So harm to poor decision makers is difficult to inflict. Policies like these harm small business owners; the people that actually worked hard, saved, and put in the effort and planning to risk starting a business.

These policies are tools to further push the Agenda 21, which is to eliminate small businesses, which provide freedom and choice and only leave the Amazon’s intact.

Americans are free to shop where ever. Enticed by saving a couple dollars or cents, we have knowingly been destroying small businesses with the Walmarts (proven to kill town economies) and now we have Amazon, which is the version 2 – more effective and efficient.

We have always held the choices in our hands. We seem to be choosing the wrong way, every time. We as an aggregate – especially liberals and blind conservatives.

What will wake us up?

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