Was It An Insurgency? & ACP Updates

Absolutely not. It is time to get some perspective, children. Liberals, the child-,minded adults that constantly exaggerate every event for drama, because they figured out they get more Instagram views if they pretended to be an abused child. Victim culture is born.

It is time for them to stop lying – exaggeration is not telling the truth – it is to purposefully deceive – it is lying. This is all that media and the liberals do. Conservatives get it from both sides. Profiteering on the right and deception from the left.

A brief history of insurgencies will quickly show you a couple common requirements to test for an insurgency. There are two main elements. The first is a massive armed group and the second is the piles of bodies as the result of the insurgency.

Let’s put these two tests on the capital incident.

No Weapons
No weapons, no real weapons, no weapons of an insurgency. And yes, anyone can get lucky and sneak a massive amount of weapons to any place. If you believe a stick or crossbow is a weapon for a serious insurgency, you have brain damage or are mentally ill. Not with over 300 million firearms available.

No Bodies
There were five people dead. If you have perspective and even a child’s level of knowledge of history of insurgencies, 5 dead is nothing. It is flu season after all. The reality is there would have been multiple trails of bodies that would be along the path of the insurgent group, posted guards along the route for security, and Lets just say much much more than small arms. If my dead friend Mr. Mackawaka in Iran can whip up a surprise to disable a light armored vehicle, there are at least a million people hear that can stumble their way through it.

Stop Exaggerating
Another rehearsed actors line they are all saying is “we almost died, especially the poc’s”. Well, POC is not slang for ‘piece of crap’ though if you classify people by it, you may be. The ‘black leaders’ have certainly capitalized for attention on this to say they were going to hang them had they gotten in. Absurd. We all know if there was an agenda for that, it would be done elsewhere. Get real. And same with the politicians. They do not have enough protection 24/7 to protect against a serious group – not even close. They would be done very quickly, without warning, and they would not even know what happened.

But these things have not happened because no one wants those things to happen. It has always been up to the people.

There was no storming of the capital.
There was no coordinated event using radios and other role-playing crap.
There were not enough armed personal to do anything except break some glass and get shot in the neck.
There were zero casualties from an insurrection because an insurrection did not take place.

Yet, we still have every tv drama actor politicians, religious leader, and other cockroaches spouting out obvious lies. The problem with saying these things is it tends to make them happen. Media has been pushing all of this and it has been playing out to our surprise to a certain extent on a normalcy bias.

So politicians, if your lies come true – if you make them materialize by repeating them over and over – you should carefully consider exactly what lies you want to come true. Keep saying ‘everyone wants you dead’ and someone with nothing to lose will most likely help you.

Some polite advise would be to stop lying. Then it would be silent.

ACP Updates

We have frequently mentioned AOC’s hit list request – ‘to track those terrible Trump supporters and make them pay, isolate them, and destroy their finances.’ https://donor.watch – previously donaldtrump.watch.

If you have not see the website, you should visit it. See if your name is on it. We have seen what AOC is not an idle threat. It is indeed in action per se actions against Trump in banking and other instruments. They are going after everyone who donated to trump – this is very real.

Donor.watch lists the name, address, and political parties; including the amounts that were donated, and even a break down of the neighborhood along with ‘affiliate people’ that may be related. It is an extremely expensive (which mean is is financially backed) information mining operation. These websites are used to discriminate against conservatives; republicans specifically.

If you or a family member is applying for employment, a loan or lease, rental agreements; this site is being used to look you up and see where you stand. It is a truly a communist tool that is more powerful than any communist dictatorship has ever had in history. This is the only point in time where such a tool has been created. This is a materialization of something very bad with its only a purpose to cause harm to another person, directly and efficiently.

ACP is countering these databases by creating similar databases with incorrect information – if someone wants to discriminate against someone else by using these tools, they will get the wrong information and have it effect themselves. It simply switches peoples parties.

It is not a simply project. It is complicated, expensive, time consuming, and has over 150 million people and many more times that of donation transaction histories. Collecting this data, building multiple counter-websites to donor.watch, and modifying the political information in a believable way is very difficult.

This is the only reason we have asked for help from our members. Donations are running this project, barely. Biden is in office in a couple weeks. All hell will break loose and you WILL see media advertise these political lookup websites so they can promote discrimination. These sites are the only real, concrete tool they have had so far – they will promote them.

If we do not have multiple counter-websites to confuse the types of people that would use them, in time, they will get too far ahead to catch up. This is a typical race-to-market scenario, but for ALL conservatives livelihood and financial futures to a certain degree.


We can not loose again. Take action now!

What is Next

After the completion of the anti-donor watch (anti-dw) websites, we have some security focused tools coming. It has become more clear it is better to have our own platforms. Our new website will be much faster and will secured features like chat and forums – person to person encryption (PGP – unbreakable) so messaging can only be read by its intended recipient.

Next is the game-changer. This will be a peer to peer social media platform that works similar to torrenting (see bit torrent) – members can host content if they like and using vpns and encryption, along with unlimited hosts – technically, will be not possible to shut down.

We have heard people mention mesh networks and other methods to prevent censorship. An already tested technology, for decades, can be utilized to host content on a distributed virtual network (like running your email program on your laptop), and allow people to connect directly to each other to send and receive content. All highly encrypted and secure.

This has not been done before because it is not centralized and therefore, not easy, almost impossible to monetize centrally. No one has released a platform like this, even though it has been developed multiple times simply because there is not enough money in it and it can not be controlled.

This is exactly what we want. Un-centralized. Uncensored. Unstoppable (practically).

If you have doubts your donations are being put to good use – these are the plans. You can have a critical part in creating something that is truly game-changing. If this is adopted, social media on the internet will never be the same again. With people looking for alternatives, there is a very high probability it will be adopted and the rest will be history.

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