Schwarzenegger’s thoughts on the capitol ‘insurrection’

Note: A member was considering closing his membership from this posting – he wanted clarification – where do I (we) stand. First, cancel culture is a road to isolation – a road to nowhere. Do not feed into it. People are fickle and damn stupid with short memories – this will fade. Unless everyone keeps this childish cancel culture going. It requires two sides to keep it going.

Second, Arnold is obviously a Hollywood elite. Has always has been. He is a politician. And in this case, he is a fucking liar. We know what an ‘insurrection’ is. There were far too many standing buildings, and by far not enough bodies to be a real ‘insurrection’ in the real world. Arnold exaggerated and called it that – he is a fucking liar. I enjoy his work (fantasy films as a tough guy; but he is not) and I like his general comments on work ethic. But, he is out of touch. Maybe in twitter land, a couple bodies is WW3, but in the real world, that is a difficult fuel-up or a wrong turn or a bad couple of minutes or maybe a nice drive in the sand for some.

Schwarzenegger’s thoughts on the capitol ‘insurrection’. Should there be limits? Was it wrong? Can doing right bring right?

Who is being lied to and who is being misled? Everyone on both sides are. There is no perfect information.

As Arnold states ‘we need to put our democracy first’ in this high production value script. He is saying what he believes- from what he was told – because he certainly was not there.

Exaggeration of the actors and media aside, Trump exposed so much corruption within the election process and at so many levels.

But we knew it. We always knew it. How do these civil servants amass hundreds of millions of dollars from their C-level $190,000/yr salaries? How is it possible? Only through deals. Money doesn’t materialize. It is transferred from one party to another. Electronically, donated, or cash in an envelope. But we all know this. We always knew this.

So what is the difference now? We didn’t know much? Yes we did. The election was stolen – it’s happened every time. Candidates are chosen by their groups before they even run. They are groomed. They are taught to speak and taught what to say. This is how it has been for over 50 years. We all knew the game.

So what did the left want since 2016? What does the right want now? We know the left was waiting, planning, coordinating; all these events from protests, media coverage, and most importantly, how the elections were technically handled.

The right is also waiting; the clock just started ticking. Will conservatives put in the same effort the democrats did?

It’s going to take more than playing militia. That alone would never have worked in 1776. It took smart people, working together, creating a plan, working on it everyday, and believing it will work.

The pen is mightier than the sword. In countries like America, it is the only thing that will work. We are left with local politics and implementing change from the ground up. And it works. The democrats just did it though with a darker agenda.

Perhaps there should be a conservative voting software company.

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