Internet Security – What VPN?

No, we are not affiliates, sponsors, or linked in in way to ExpressVPN.

You got your anonymous protonmail, tin-fold hat, and tin-foil gloves; and now you want to become untraceable over the internet. You are looking at VPN providers.

We will not put up a list and and rank them – google for that.

ExpressVPN is one of the best. Here is why:

  • Up to 5 vpn clients (devices) at once for each subscription
  • extremely fast – limited to your internet connection unless you are fiber or something crazy
  • Software will stop all internet activity if the client is not connected (think a email in the outbox, the internet gets interrupted, it re-connects but your vpn is not connected – your ip address which is your location is exposed) — this is a very good feature and should be a requirement for all but is not
  • Selectable locations over the globe and easy to connect
  • Can run on mobile, mac, and windows – a requirement also
  • If you are a script linux geek, you can do that too

And, over the many years we have used them (and this writer personally), with using 6 accounts at 5 connections (30 24/7 connections), there has never been an outage besides that cause by the local internet provider.

Definitely worth it. Of course, you all can comment to recommend from your experiences.

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