It is Starting – The Evictions

With the shutdowns, small businesses are closed. People have no income and no ability to make a living. It is illegal to earn money for food or to pay rent. Some big city departments and police show their true colors.

Maybe, you are lucky enough to work at national chain – Walmart, Amazon, all the businesses that have much more traffic and can not abide by social distancing; yet are allowed to operate with impunity.

First the evictions of renters. Home owners take a bit longer to kick out and make a family homeless. Any home owners lucky enough to be able to afford rentals will quickly saturate the rental market, causing rental prices to increase.

The phenomenon of a high rental sellers market but low rental income will persist as old renters are evicted. The housing market is booming due to tech workers moving out of cities and going where they want to live.

Basically, it is multiple contradictory events happening that can lead to desperate homeless people that used to be normal working class (not the mentally ill drug addicts the homeless normally consist of).

Chinese investors scooping up homes causing the pricing increases – we are all ready seeing 25-25k increases in Portland, not far from the Red house or downtown riots.

And if Biden takes office, it will be a fire sale for China. There is a tipping point where all hell will break loose. Desperate citizens will do crazy things – we already see an increase in ‘ATM friends’ – where a friend comes up behind you at the ATM and beat the shit out of you so you will share your withdrawal.

And as the regular criminals get more desperate, BLM ( burn loot murder) will be rising drastically. Get ready to be shot for a subway sandwich.

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