Apple Closes All CA stores, 53 Locations [and dozens across the US]

[Correction: And dozens across the US. By Dozens, this can mean 12, 24, 36, 128, 500…. They are focusing on online sales and do not need the retail stores. People know what their products are. They have redesigned their website to enhance the online sales experience. We are not talking about thousands of jobs nationwide. This affects thousands more families, landlords who can not get their rent, banks that do not get their mortgage payments, and then we will see another BAILOUT – so we and our children are left paying for this greed once again. There are increasing rumors of another real estate crash, and after a real estate crash is a massive banking overhaul and bailout. ]


That is another 500+ jobs plus supporting roles in administrative eliminated. Another 20-30 in the supply chain to get phones from build to store. These types of jobs provide only enough to live paycheck to paycheck; like so many others. They will not be able to pay rent, purchase food, or get the new x box games.

Meanwhile, online sales are skyrocketing. Apple will be just fine with their slave labor in India, as every small child should have a job. Profits will be even hire due to outlet brick and mortar stores closing.

Many chain stores have seen record profits from covid. Media went from obsolete to massive viewership. Politics has created heroes and villains on social media.

Certainly, covid and the shutdowns are a very very beautiful thing for many people. These people are sick and need to be stopped.

Chances are, if you check your state or city, there are recall petitions that remain unknown due to suppression. Please take a look. Post them here to show the people they exist and are being hidden.

NOTICE; We will be releasing the information from our data mining project this week. This first round is 620,000 names and addresses AOC has DOXed of conservative supporters. This is one on the lists they use to discriminate against you, your family, and your business based on who you donated to. If you are on this list, you absolutely should know. Please donate today to support these projects. Software developers are expensive.

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