4 thoughts on “Militia Coalition in Atlanta

  1. We need to clean out corruption in Government wherever we find it. Time for this USA to be ran by American people not big Corporations or Hollywood. So it’s time for PATRIOTS TO RISE UP!!!!! For GOD and Country!!

    1. Absolutely. We need better coordination on politics and go after local governments. The fanatics win because they use social media, press to dispense the lies.

      If you had a ‘to do’ list for your area; who to vote in and out based on policies, and to coordinate recalls – would you use it?

  2. As someone BORN AND RSISED in the city of Atlanta I can tell you NONE of those people live in the city or were raised in the city. I’m fine with that, it ain’t a criticism. I tell you right now as I live and breathe before God and my fellows, the ONLY way to cure Atlanta it to either cut it off and starve it into a state of reasonableness or burn it again. Yes I still live there, yes I know that both options sound extreme but the corruption is that deep and has been for all of my 50 years. Athens and Savannah probably need to be dealt with in similar fashion. Burn all the Hollywood studios as well, they have brought massive problems, leave the music industry alone though as it creates so many local jobs created by locals. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Go get’em guys! We are here in Ohio and have your back!

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