Mass Drownings As Californian Try to Shower With Masks On

Are California’s really that stupid? They did create a democratic Idiocracy. Idiocracy is a futuristic comedy where only the popular Instagram type politicians are elected by the dumbed down population. By futuristic, it is starting to look like it now.

Biden is a Hologram

No one has seen Biden close up in years. Is Biden just another realistic laser driven hologram puppet Las Vegas show? Prove that he is not. Hehe

The mass exodus is the California Governor’s Legacy. Just as in New York, levels of shutdown areas are arbitrarily decided based upon property value for their own purchase later. Or targeting business owners that have spoken out on social media or tv. This is massive misuse of powers they do not even possess- but they do posses it, or their orders to stop down businesses would not work.

By now, every thinking citizen of the world realizes shutdown to extensively more damage to the citizens via multiple mechanisms. Causing mass panic and fear is one. This generates a wave of mass consumer good hoarding, which does generate business, but only to businesses that are open. How long have you been cutting your own hair btw?

We end up with a unstable rush/lull economy, crippled to everyone without the big box ticket (chain stores are all open), and the fore losers are starting.

There is a estimated 12 million (extremely low) people behind at least 6k on their rent and mortgages. When this sets off, we will see an effect of massive rent increases for those who lost their homes and still somehow have funds to buy shelter – and these are families were are talking about – and a large amount who decide to stay, given the choice of going on the street or occupying a home, their home, at whatever means necessary.

Who Shot the Sheriff

It was Bob, with his AR, as these fuckers tried to kick his family out in the street. Hopefully, sheriffs will have enough morality to wait.

There are multiple situations that can make this current cold civil war go hot. All lead back to forcing citizens against the constitution. 2A, the ability to live free and work to provide food. Shutdowns causing criminalization of regular people going outside.

It will happen in some areas. According to other recent civil wars, the script calls for a massacre soon – to kick the violence off. Where will it be and when.

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