Ready. Willing. Able. Trump Calls On Supporters

Trump calls on supporters for a wild protest in DC. Notice firearm laws in DC. Recall multiple stabbing sat the last gathering. Antifa make perfect knife holders it would appear.

The logistics of traveling to DC is a pain. Then lodging, restrooms, and amenities are problematic in these situations.

Meanwhile in dumbass land, leftists call for a ‘general strike’. Since they are already jobless, irate they going to stop playing video game and drugs? Never! So strike what?

In context to a protest, a general strike is an untargeted, indiscriminate attack on the random population at the Trump protest. Women, children, elderly, and men. Open season on conservatives.

This is a very bad idea. Given the weapon options for DC; close combat with blunt and edged weapons …

Learning is fun. Sometimes a little bit of corporal punishment is the best way to teach what bad behavior is.

This event, if it kicks off, and so far all of them have kicked off, will be memorable. Just remember who you are being with you, this may not be a family event when it gets dark. Wild, is a polite description of what will happen.

Be prepared, be supplied, be a legal as you can be. Know your ingress and egress. Do yourself thing and relocate, change appearance, and dispose of things that need disposing. Wear gloves – it’s cold.

There are a hundred fights after this one and we need every conservative free and healthy. Be smart.

3 thoughts on “Ready. Willing. Able. Trump Calls On Supporters

  1. Thoughts on an Objective Rally Point (any available land where “We The People” can check comms, battle rattle, maps, etc.?).

    Also concerned about Patriots whose physical stamina may not be up to par as DC may likely be colder than a well digger’s belt buckle. Just like you say Mike “We are our own first responders”.

    These Are The Days!
    Sweet Land of Liberty!

    1. The ‘wild’ protest should still be a protest. If Patriots rioted, everything would be leveled. We do not want that.

      Groups will organically start forming. Like today in Atlanta. They will start staying longer. The other groups will kick it off.

      They will do a massacre soon as per the script. Then, there will be varying skirmishes in different cities.

      Our part, besides initial non-violence ‘showing up’, is for when they come to our neighborhoods, with the intent of violence.

      They also know if they do this, they will not get far. So there has to be something tricky by a third party to blame the other groups, incite a retaliation, and kick it off. This is the false flag.

      We are not stupid and we know what a CW will do here. We have lived it. We also do what we need to do.

      These fringe groups already know they have no skillset to do anything for long. So if it is not them, then who is it going to be?

      The third party, the false flag, mercs getting paid – there are enough of them to cause trouble for extended period of time with funding and the equipment it can afford.

      It has to be ugly to kick it off, it has to be a massacre. And evidence to point to a group.

      The timing may be around Biden time. And we know he has no problems doing something like this to profit from it.

      This will give the media years of business so they will sensationalize it, show the body parts, and keep promoting it.

  2. We need to protest in front of our state capital buildings as well. Let them know we don’t appreciate them allowing the voter fraud to take place. Amongst a lot over other violations of their oath of office. Shadow president, shadow governors, shadow attorney generals etc. etc. on and on…..I mean someone has to help Trump act like it’s still a constitutional republic

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