Only in New York – City of Assholes

Here we have a 58 year old man that got buried in four feet of snow from a snow plow driver. The snow plow driver stated ‘it was pretty funny at the time – I knew he was sealed in like a coffin’. He continued to laugh uncontrollably for another five minutes.

‘3Toes Joe’, suffered from frostbite and he was very cold with all the snow. His passenger, a companion he built from the snow, reportedly told Joe, he should not start the car a second time after he feeling very sleepy from running it the first 30 minutes.

After 4 hours, Joe decided to call 911 to have them get him out. They arrived soon after with a blanket and wire cutters (for his toes). Which were frozen to the floor.

Apparently, his snowman companion was evil and told Joe to take his shoes off to feel the snow like sand at the beach. It was a positive affirmation exercise that failed.

This is why you always carry a basic kit. He could have started a small fire or created some device to open his window. Certainly, never rely on a snowman.

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