Yes, your iPhones are made in India, by low wage workers. Maybe even children. Children do the best work with their little hands.

With the factory out of commission, they no longer have jobs. Rioting and burning buildings rarely accomplish what you think you want. Unless it is an all out destruction on a massive scale throughout a region, Apple will simply move to another location in the country or another country.

What is the Solution?

Well, I am not willing to give up my iPhone. I look so cool and even though I essentially rent to own the phone like a microwave I bought from rent-a-center as a teenager because I can not afford it, I still want it. I need it. The solution is get those children back to work.

The intrinsic problem with EVERY offshore to the 3rd world deal is the 3rd world will always get manipulated and taken advantage of. The American companies know this. The American consumer knows this. The politicians know this. And the 3rd world country leaders know this.

Even though they are getting taken advantage of at the time, they still invite it because it is opportunity they did not have at the time. There is no problem.

Do you really think free trade coffee really exists? It does not.

There Is No Problem

There is no problem. If there was a problem, we would not be purchasing these commodities. We do know after all, now. Now is the keyword. No, most consumers have no idea of where or how their goods are manufactured. Some may look at a tag that says ‘assembled here’ or ‘made here’, but it means nothing. iPhones proudly display ‘Designed in Palo Alto’ or where ever. A car is made in America if it is assembled a certain percentage somewhere. All the parts can be made and assembled in Mexico.

It is confusing. On purpose. Companies know once an average person reaches a certain threshold of information or complexity, they simple do not care. Along with emotional advertisements that incentivize them to forego patience all together, they bypass their ethical barriers.

So know you know. If you have that $1000 iPhone because you just needed that camera so much, or whatever reason you used to justify your rent to own or purchase (insult intended), you are not going to throw it away. What would you get instead, a Samsung? Where are those made? Here we go again …


Superior goods always dominate the marketplace. iPhones are extremely high quality, work well, are reliable, last 10 years, and are the best. My opinion. So the phone or even the company is not the problem. It is the location and it is the possibly the condition of the workers at that location. If the iPhone was made in the USA, it would cost much more due to regulations. Regulations are the only reason why manufacturing is expensive in the USA. That and taxes.

We do not know enough about India, the deal Apple Inc made there, how much the workers are getting paid, if they are getting paid, and if their pay should be increased.

We know one thing – if they could get a better job there, they would. So how bad is it? Those look like some damn nice office buildings they are trashing. Maybe this is BLM India.

If there was a problem, the pressure would be through awareness. This is not being covered by media for some reason. Why not?

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