ATF Raids Diversified Machines

Polymer 8, now Diversified Machine.

The ATF is acting under the Biden policies.

Pistol Braces, Suppressors, partial lowers, build kits – any firearm parts will become strictly regulated. Every part will require serial numbers. California wants bullet casings to have a serial stamped on it from the firearm when fired.

ATF under Biden will effectively prohibit a citizens ability to make their own firearms. Granted, making your own firearm for personal use and making parts for resell are very different. However, without parts, the supply chain shrinks, inventory becomes rare, and prices increase. Get your extra parts NOW.

Most people can not build a trigger or even an accurate barrel without special machinery. This machinery will also become highly restricted. Even bullet loaders could require a license to operate. Primers contain explosives, those could also be restricted to a licensed dealer only.

Without parts and without ammunition, firearms are what exactly? Squeeze those and it created a situation which helps the ATF – their primary job is to wipe their ass on the constitution.

We do what we can to ride out these types of administrations. Luckily, it is only 4 years. Conservatives need to get better organized and start taking over these organizations from within to affect real change.

2 thoughts on “ATF Raids Diversified Machines

  1. Buy your extra gun parts now. If you own an AR and plan not to participate in the buyback, you will need a few lower parts sets, a spare BCG. I would get spare parts for every firearm you own to avoid any new govt process. this includes bulking up you ammo supply.

    It is my paranoid belief they (leftist govt traitors, meaning everyone on the left from biden down) mean to usher us into the great reset. this is mostly a China style communism except they make you rent EVERYTHING and you own nothing. Private people owning guns hurts “the plan.”

    Bottom line, there is not enough prison space to hold 30 or 40 million new American prisoners. There is a slim chance a right leaning president could come in after biden and reverse the coming AR ban and 2a infringements.

    Good luck to all in the coming NWO…lol

  2. You could see this coming, now the question is what can we realistically do about it?

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