Conservative Media Replacements

Many social media (S&M) platforms have been invented, failed, and forgetting without it even showing up where we see it. And the S&M platforms we do know about have the daunting task of how to learn how to use them, migrated everything over, or just start fresh…. or wait until they fail and go away.

We are all tired of the censorship, biased rules, and especially that pencil neck David Cuckman on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

But, what is the alternative?

Pain Points

Many companies evaluate new software on if it meets their companies pain points,, feature parity 9if it meets or exceeds existing systems features), cost of ownership, adoption time and costs, and other crap we just don’t care about. For regular people, our pain point is censorship and how S&M have suppressed information to the point it has affected a presidential election. We fucking hate the lying main stream media and social media – S&M is the right term for these fuckers. they are sadomasochists.

But everyday, we put the ball gag back into our mouths, zip up the leather face mask (because of covid) and let them whip us until we cry out the safety word. That is all we know and it wasn’t like that at the beginning – they were nice to us before – they just changed. Starting to sound like a spouse that has to be correct (beaten) again?

The Good News

No, it is not Jesus this time. We have alternatives. We have near feature-parity. Here they are:

  • Twitter Replacement: Parler – the name is stupid but it allows you to tweet or read the stupid crap you like. Parler also has private messaging (like facebook) and a timeline (you can post your photos and how you feel about the spaghetti bowl.
  • YouTube Replacement: Rumble – anther stupid name. I guess finding short domain names for easy typing is tough. Limits on video time causes issues for long format shows
  • LinkedIn replacement: LinkedIn has become a SJW wasteland, if you have heard of it or used it before. LinkedIn is similar to a professional format Facebook but has become even worse than facebook because ass eaters post their feelings on BLM and how much they hate men and especially white men. Fuck them.

We Need Adoption

For these platforms we need two things to happen. First, content creators, like youtube to start publishing content. We also need content creators like you create content for Facebook, for free, everyday, so they can make millions while you get mind-raped.

Once we have content on these platforms, we need to get content consumers – you know – the mindless drones that view hours each day while drooling and end up driving on the sidewalk in Seaside and run over an entire family and kill them. But the ducks looked funny.

Your Action Items

Now that we have had our meeting, reviewed the strategy, considered benefits, risks, and costs – it is time for action. This IS the action you have been asking for – what can you do to help combat the Radical Left. Do not use their services (or products). Do not let them make millions off you and your family. Do not let them use you to gain more followers.

Time to Move

First, sign up – create your accounts. You eventually will so GET YOUR PREFERRED NAMES NOW before other asshats register them.

Second, just cruise around them and check them out. Come back here and post the good channels you believe everyone else might enjoy. Directories do not exist! Lets make them.

Third, start using first. Then use the other platforms. Link to them from your new stuff – make the starting points on the new platforms.

You can also re-post content you see from the old S&M sites on the new one to clone them and start getting the content up.

Do what you can. It will be slow. some people can do a little, some people can do much more. The early adopters will always win, just like on YT, and everyone else will follow.

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  1. For media I personally switched to

    They have a free app to watch them anytime and anywhere

    They are a growing company small still but are growing in viewership

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