Civil War is Knocking On The Door (Conservative Twins, Black Scout Survival, Adam Calhoun)

Are we getting to the point of no return? Maybe. If things kick off, they will not kick off everywhere at once; even if it is coordinated. It will incrementally increase or incrementally subside. Or, nothing will happen besides protests.

We needed another 4 years, especially now with the pandemic. With Biden, we have some very destructive possibilities:

  • Mass immigration, even with covid rampant – will mass infected be allowed in without process
  • Another crowd of thousands of immigrants called refugees is on the way
  • Business destroying shutdowns by doctrine, illegal edict, from the government
  • As crime rises, unconstitutional 2A laws and tricky confiscation via buyback or fine/jail/driveway beatings
  • Unrestricted international travel – from infected shithole countries; causing a never-ending covid outbreak cycle
  • Ultimately with no lockdown relief (allowing people to live free and earn a living), people will have nothing to lose. There will be food shortages. Literal bread lines. Then, very severe events will absolutely happen as people have to defend themselves against the government – and it is self defense at this time
  • The more losers we let in, the more burden on the healthcare systems

Polio was a world-wide deadly and body destroying disease. It took 5 years to get it under control with less people globally, less travel across borders, and a more effective vaccine.

Do we really believe we can do it on 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Civil War is Knocking On The Door (Conservative Twins, Black Scout Survival, Adam Calhoun)

  1. unfortunately I believe a civil war will ruin America and a foreign nation will try to come in and put their own government in place, the problem is Americans are SO divided over EVERYTHING that if we did a have a civil war it’d just be guerrilla warfare and that’s nasty shit, very dirty work and no one is trustworthy and everyone dies with a knife their back. so look we can go this route and have a mass murder spree and throw everything out the window but the fact of the matter is, people are mis-directing their anger in the wrong places, YES the government is fucked and we need BOTH candidates thrown out and a FRESH START, press that reset button but I don’t think killing fellow Americans will do anything but HURT and hurt us badly

    1. It appears, so far, a CW will not include our military like a foreign war. So while physically, our military will continue to protect America from a physical invasion, you are correct that the virtual invasion could get hotter. This is why we have this ACP virtual group. This is a multi front war.

      The hot skirmishes will be quick events. While the NG (national guard) may be deployed, deployed to where? All actors will have left. Most of the burden of response will be on LEO. We know what they can do.

      This is important to consider the role of national military – if they are deployed as a martial law, it will go through the courts and again, deployed where. The even is done.

      Maybe large cities with a standing population. There will be bodies dropped. And the related events as a reaction. This will test our constitution, revisit our primary rights, and it should once again solidify them at least on state levels.

      There could be much more good from a small scale, variable location, intermittent engagement scenario. For generations to come.
      as a people, we have forgotten. This is a reminder to live and breath.

      But I am an optimist.

      1. thanks for the reply, much appreciated! clears up any wild notions I may have come to about this whole thing. I was worried about full blown warfare in the streets, neighbors sabotaging neighbors with their belongings , entire neighborhoods fortified and flooding in the streets from broken fire hydrants, fires, car wrecks, hospitals are already full , everything is a weapon and people hate each other over everything, absolute chaos, my mind loves to do that shit. cook up crazy shit and what ifs. too many movies lmao. thx

        1. For a Syria level CV (one of the most recent) it required 2 factions, of different religious beliefs + an actual divide in their national military.
          If we compare this to the USA, we have many factions:
          – Left vs Right
          – race division media has been working on 24/7 with BLM, NFAC, and other black supremist groups
          – LGBT versus Trump and conservatives. They actually believe trump and the right are anti- gay (we do not care, just leave us alone on it and stop pushing it on our children)
          – In the government, there are political factions; we seen Trump expose much of this. The gov faction and the willingness to destroy is what is required

          Our constitution still protects us to a certain degree, especially from the government political factions – in the context of a CW. The gov is certainly doing things they should not be doing. The spying, intelligence operations on the citizens, and other initiatives that do not get out are alarming.

          They would need to turn these program son the citizens en mass, via a 2A crackdown, or other life, liberty, and freedom killing mandates. Yes, this is happening now. Shutdowns are extremely destructive with effects that will last forever such as businesses that will never come back, drained assets from citizens (wealth draining plans via Agenda 21/2030), and straight up evil plans.

          Evil is something that hams people for the sake of harming. Shutdowns do not halt or slow the spread of covid – this is proven. On year 2 of covid, we have a new and improved strain from china that is even more contagious.
          Shutdowns are part of the cold war. Social media censorship is part of the cold war. Mainstream media dis-information is part of the cold war.

          A 2A crackdown, like brace stocks will likely be a candidate for some hot situations. A top-down government mandate for masks (just wear them) will be a issue. Continued shutdowns will absolutely and already has cause people to lose their homes, ability to buy food – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – will make it hot as people have zero to loose and get desperate. Instead of offing yourself, go get sometime that deserves it – the cause.

          I don’t want to give a false confidence we are safe in a sense – we are now – but situations change in the minute they pass a mandate. All Americans, even the democrats, understand the shutdowns are destroying families for generations.

          They want us jobless, homeless, dumb (closing schools), defenseless, offensive-less, bankrupt, and in-debt and in-default. They believe this will make us easier control. Granted, this works on cowards, but as long as we have the means our founding fathers gave us – knowing this has happened a thousands times before and will happen a thousands times again – we will do whatever we need to do to set things right.

          You ask most Americans now what they want:
          – I want to work
          – I want to earn money for food
          – I want to earn money for rent or house payments or car payments
          – I want my children to get an education

          As repossessions of vehicles keep continuing, and people need to decide between for or insurance, or whatever, they will eventually get to that point. And they absolutely should. Just go after the politicians making it impossible to live free.

          1. damn…. I really don’t have much in response except to say thank you for being where YOU are right now. I honestly didn’t expect such a well rounded and articulated response and I certainly hope more people who actually know what they’re talking about get involved, thank you again for the time and effort put into your response. when you read all of that and sit back and think….what the fuck happened to my country, this is embarrassing. Everyone is hurting bad right now, but im so glad people are doing something about it, or at least trying. my problem is im in the middle, I hate both parties and believe the government needs to be backhanded a little bit. ” no , bitch!”
            quit controlling everything so much, just let the people live free. or die .

  2. I do not think the American Citizens have it in them to fight a civil war. I think most people are keyboard warriors and will just sit back and allow the Unconstitutional actions of the government to take place.

    I am not calling for it nor do I want a war, but with that said I also think that the corruption is to deep and that we the people have failed on our duties as citizens. I think that it will probably take a war to truly fix America and give back the freedoms we have allowed them to take from us.

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