74 Million Americans Are Not Going to Shut Up

Senator Hawley (R) explains voters are regular, normal people that have voted and have won and lost in politics multiple times. Reasonable People.

These reasonable people simply can not accept the anomalies, uncertainty, and questionable processes that all lead to false or fake election results.

  • No custody chain of mail in ballots
  • Voter ID not required or attempted
  • Actions conducted by voting poll workers to obfuscate origin of ballots and destroy re-audit ability
  • Election machine software that allows and requires multiple batch assignment to a specific candidate (batch drag and drop votes functionality)
  • Ballot harvesting, including direct or indirect payment in exchange for votes
  • Dead people voting at a much higher number than usual
  • Postal services back dating receipt stamps
  • Postal workers caught holding boxes of ballots in order to expire deadline of delivery, boxes dumped at disposal sites and waste containers, boxes of ballots abandoned

In all cases, each circumstance resulted in votes taken from Trump – never votes taken from Biden. It is simply not possible for everything that could go wrong, to go wrong, and with only one result, which is taking votes from Trump.
It is not possible. Without illegal activities. Without gaming the system. Without cheating.

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