Trump to Media: I am not Conceding

3 hours ago. Trump is keeping his promise to NOT give up and FORCE the courts to expose the corruption.

There are also multiple reports of a software glitch due to a failed update. This is all bullshit. If the Dominion software was updated, the typical process is a backup of the affected code (to ‘rollback’ in case of failure), apply the update, update data if data format is modified, run verification tests automatically to verify update patch was applied successfully.

If any of these steps failed, the software should roll back to the previous version. If the data was reverted, that is another story.

The problem with this software update lie is: it was tabulating are reporting incorrectly before the update. Yet, it somehow passed their certification. This is a HUGE red flag. The software in its certified state was incorrect, therefore any output of that software should not be used. It is bad software.

2 thoughts on “Trump to Media: I am not Conceding

  1. This isn’t the first time the democrats stole an election. People that do stuff like this have done it for a long time before they get caught. No wonder the democrats seem to be winning elections most of the time. Now Twitter is silencing Trump. I got off most social media, got tired of all the fake bs people post. No one is always that happy all the damn, time. I just stay on Youtube to watch videos of kittens and puppies.

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