What is Trump Doing? It Is Not Over

It appears that Biden has won. It appears so. However, if illegal ballots are discounted, it will look like the ratio on closing of Election Day. Still close, but Trump may win. This will take 3 miracles.

We get reports on local news of corrupted postal workers harvesting, tampering, and delaying ballots. We see reports of ballots being counted days after the election and postmarked after the election. We see reports of ballot counting auditors being excluded, removed, or interfered with to do their duties.

Since we do not know h ok w many ballots are legal and for Trump, a miracle is required. But Trump doesn’t waste time and do things without purpose. And so far, Trump doesn’t lose.

Regardless who wins, the results will not be believed by either side. Because the scale of illegal ballots is so phenomenally large and coordinated nation wide, this election is unbelievable.

Democrats will take any win, even knowing it was stolen in all aspects. This is character corruption to the core. Not all, but most. The ends justify the means; we are right; win at whatever the cost, even sacrificing the nations election process. This is a foreign agenda, obviously, to destabilize the nation. The media has been in on it. They know but do not care. They get paid and walk on the backs of the citizens.

They are targeting Trumps legal team, any law firms helping Trump, and the sandwich guy who delivers food. He has been missing for three days.

If the key states have the illegal ballots removed from the count, it may be possible. This is how it should be. Why is asking for a legal election even required. Democrats.

The clock can run out and the court decides.

If Trump wins, will there be a CV? Probably not. They will riot, but Trump can unleash the NG and it’s done. Are there insurgents? Yes. They may cause damage. There are not enough willing to die – most rioters are cowards. They do it when they can get away because the police let them get away.

If Biden wins, certainly retaliation will be even worse now. AOC hit lists, Harris special teams to retard history and rewrite it and prosecute regular citizens.

Trump probably would not try this if there was no chance. It is possible. Our country may be stayed for 4 more years.

Regardless, our wars continue on local level government corruption. We need to also focus on local policy and law in your home town. If we do not, it will keep getting worse. The local government will always effect you and your family directly.

Politics is America’s new sports. Football, basketball, and many others have corrupted themselves. Besides, politics is the real game, isn’t it?

1 thought on “What is Trump Doing? It Is Not Over

  1. The US military intelligence should be all over this. I believe the military should be used to seize voting machines, ballots and analyze the entire election with 24/7 video….something like that to shut the insurrectionists up once and for all. Because this is an insurrection.

    I have been in contact with my US Senators Schumer and Gillibrand demanding they DEMAND an honest election. I have heard NADA from them. NOTHING. That’s what I expected. Still I will flood their mail and phone messaging center since they are not taking calls due to the CCP virus. Amazing timing isn’t it?

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