Another Trump Doxing Website

Another website purporting to dox Trump supporters has shown up:  This one is similar to the original This site was created on Nov 3 and isn’t fully operational yet. A Twitter post from the account @mbsimon (Michael Simon) describes the site as follows:

”The Trump Accountability Project (@Trumpaccproject) will be a permanent record of every staffer, appointee, donor, endorser and enabler”

Like the original site, the creators’ names are blocked.

Members; We can create counter-websites that lists wrong names or democrat names instead. It can also notify someone that has been searched for. So far, there is not much interest in supporting these types of projects. There will be many anti-conservative websites popping up in the next few months. This type of information will be sold and used to pre-screen job candidates, potential business partners, or even when selecting a plumber.

These websites can not be stopped. There is nothing illegal about them. The only way to fight back is to provide false information on as many of these websites as possible. You may even receive a solicitation where you can pay to get your name removed.

If winning is not enough, revenge is the next step. These are revenge websites and their market share need to be diluted. he alternative is your next job interview will never happen because your name, your siblings name, or your children’s names are on one of these websites. If you think it will not happen – it is happening. And it is extremely trivial for these sites to get this information.

Consider donating to these anti-dox websites by donating via cashapp: $usacontingency
No one will build counter measures unless it is worth it.

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