Millie Weaver Exposes – Antifa Back Site and Socialist Plans

It has been a few weeks since we have started putting the word out on the Hit List website. Note, they list democrats and republicans, along with other – they obviously consider everyone a target and in-fighting among Americans is exactly their goal.

The next few weeks will be a test if America wants to continue to exist as America or morph into something else – something that has already been tried century after century, and something that always fails.

The only reason why a type of socialism even works poorly in the EU is because America exists how it is. If we fall, the world falls. And many people are looking for any reason to start killing.

1 thought on “Millie Weaver Exposes – Antifa Back Site and Socialist Plans

  1. Seeing as how the site originally was blatantly only targeting Republicans, I think it’s current form is more of a smokescreen than anything else.

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