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Voting is generally good. But who is voting? What happens when you ‘just vote’, but know absolutely nothing but rumor and hearsay?

The challenge with all voters and especially young voters is high information versus low information. We hear slangs like ‘just vote’ or ‘make your voice heard’. Casting a vote is not supposed to be a trivial process. The voter is intended to be informed by fact and opinion. One lacking the other is voting and not understanding the policies you are voting for.

Is it better to not vote if you know nothing?

YES. A thinking person would not order a meal without knowing what it is first. Or start driving without a general destination first. Voting without knowing policy is minimally irresponsible with the maximum effect of groupthink voting as disastrous.

Group, or group-think voting is based on the immediate group a voter is around and therefore influenced by, usually by a single factor of fitting in or avoiding conflict. This is one reason why it WAS taboo to discuss politics at work. People working together for essentially 9+ hours a day spend the majority of their waking hours together. Co-workers need to get along and not have conflict. Well, that has been tossed out the window.

Instead, people are pressured or punished by co-workers if they do not vote or at least say they vote along he same party lines.

And what exactly is a party line?

You got either republican or democrat. All or nothing. One or the other. Neither party is perfect. But still, voters tend to vote along party lines. In practice, they will know a specific candidate they have some idea about and whatever party they are associated with, the voter will just check the boxes either all R or all D.

Sometimes this may be a good idea. We vote for sleazy politicians or tricky propositions. Both are partisan. Both have an agenda. Both are promoted or supported by a single political party. When a single underlying agenda, like implementing socialism, is threaded in the democratic parties every move, then it may be best to not support any politician or policy from them. But it should still be reviewed and that takes so much time – more than any citizen has. A single person could not possibly review all the political policies and propositions and their underlying scams are, even for a single state. But it can be done on a local level. But where to look?

People also have to work, or they used to pre-covid (BIDEN-2020 virus) and are busy or pre-occupied living and enjoying their lives.

BUT here is the deal. Politics IS the new sport. It is the ONLY sport. And everyone has their team.

And when you have propaganda that is seemingly neutral at the beginning as the hook, then switches like this ad – the young and uninformed are easily influenced and directed – commanded to vote a specific party without any knowledge of, besides ‘just vote’ and who their puppet masters command them to vote for.

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  1. Good analysis – absolutely better not to vote than to be ignorant, especially right now with the socialist push attacking our liberty. That will not end well.

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