Antifa Backed Republican Donor ‘Hit List’

Website is a Antifa funded website that has taken FEC data and rooted out only republican donor information. This website allows terrorist members to search for conservatives by Name, Address, City, State and even street. the website also displays nearby conservative targets. And FEC information that did not include an address had a cross-reference with contact lists (phone book) to guess the address of the conservative.

If or when the Left starts targeting conservatives on a larger scale, they will be using this resource to identify targets.

There are two ways to look at this:
1. Be worried they are coming for you
2. Make sure you donate to get on the list and let them come

Regardless, all media outlets contacted have buried this information. The intentions of this website are clear; although listing publicly available data is not illegal. There is a reason the FEC does not allow their data to be filtered by political affiliations – this Antifa funded website has classified donors by political affiliation and ONLY displaying republicans.

Be prepared. Spread the word by posting this link on all your social media.

6 thoughts on “Antifa Backed Republican Donor ‘Hit List’

  1. The point about the elderly is well taken. My neighbor falls into the elderly category and her name shows up on this site. She is stressed out beyond belief. We are watching out for her.

  2. Well if theire’s going to be a fight, let it start at my door. I’m sure I’m on their list and could only hope they make that mistake.
    We k ow all too well that they want to bait us in to a trap. We aren’t falling for that. But we can only do so much to probably stop the inevitable. We all patriots, have a date with destiny and we can’t run from or avoid it. As for me, I will never instigate an action, I will however stop one, and I will always be ready to stand firm and show them how big of a mistake they are fixing to make.
    Stand strong brothers! Stand firm without fear. History is on our side.

  3. The site has been heavily modified over the last week, and now does include include donors for multiple political parties and elections over the last 8 years. The searching process is a bit different than last week’s version, and it doesn’t cross reference well between the mapping and name search functions.

    The search function by Zip Code does not appear to be available as is did last week. It looks like an underfunded software “work in progress” with a limited development staff resources. It does awarrant continuous monitoring, as the site may continue to change over time.

    The donations listed appear to be limited to direct donations to presidential candidate’s campaigns only. I see no data on congressional candidates, or state & local races. There also appears to be no listings of donations to PACs or direct donation to political parties.

    Politics start at the local level. For now, I wouldn’t let this type of potential intimidation tactic limit one’s support (financial or in-kind services), to non-candidate specific donations to political parties or causes, or to worthy local, and state elected officials, or national Senate and Congressional representatives.

    1. We were able to get 60 million with some software but there are well over 300 million listings.
      It was a question to publicize this site – we have been at it for a few months. It could scare away donations which directly effect the election outcome.
      Especially when it was a Trump specific site. They changed how it looks but the domain same remains and says it all. The non-R data is incomplete and limited – it is just for show.

      The site and its clones are key weapons in weaponizing politics.

  4. The creators have since updated the site to include Democratic and Independent donors. Now they have included lists of “associates” to make doxing even easier. No good can come from this. Ironically the names of the website’s creators are not published.

    1. We have crawled the old version – within the past week, they added ‘democrats’. Due to some pressure.
      However, the domain name itself ‘’ is a significant indicator of its intentions.
      Furthermore, they list over 60 million republican donors where it is a mere tens of thousands for democrats – limited scope of data biased on donor party affiliation.

      This is bad for elderly people that can not defend themselves, workers that are targeted and penalized by employers or co-workers, and general, making a statement that is un-american in all aspects.

      We had an intelligence resource on the ground there at their office which was registered to the corporation. The building was inactive (before covid) and is a front. It is sinister as it puts donors on a map to be targeted.

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