2 thoughts on “At the BLM riot in Philadelphia, a looter wheels a large appliance out of the store.

  1. Do the “shoppers” know that many new Smart appliances are WiFi capable, and can be remotely accessed and geo-located like other devices with unique IP addresses?

    I certainly wouldn’t steal, and probably will never purchase any newer Smart appliances, as long-term reliability appears to be doubtful, and many don’t seem to function as well as older “dumb” and “less efficient” versions.

    1. Yes, they have serial numbers too. They could probably track it to the general location. But, unless someone sees it, and specifically the serial it is unlikely they could get a search warrant, and police could not enter because even though it is there, police can not possibly see the serial number to positively identify it.
      Then the tv would probably get shot up in cross fire when the thief pulls out a machete and runs at the police.

      It seems like it is not worth it. the store might get sued for some crazy cause or some bs. Depends if the dead-e is black or not.

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