Civil War, if not this year, it may be soon

As the military becomes more and more politicized, and the brainwashed generations reach positions of power, their stranglehold will eventually become too much to accept or bear.

We see the extremists now and it gets more extreme everyday. The left wants power and will do absolutely anything to obtain it and keep it. They will change election rules, redraw electoral maps, and push policies through under executive order.

We see this happening in democrat states now. They are rapidly disarming the population. How many of 50 states can you nearly own a handgun and a bolt action rifle with a 5 round limit. How many do not allow semi automatic rifles without magazines welded on and a field disassembly required to reload. Strategic rules to leave the population defenseless against the government.

Our founding father knew because they had seen governments grow to control everything, elites controlling the government, and essentially a caste system implemented where rulers are government officials, getting rich by stopping on the citizens. They did not want that. They designed the constitution to prevent that.

But here we are at the brink. Look around. The corruption is astounding. Media is controlled by the state democrats. Social media too. And now, plans for a takeover. It may not be 2021. Or 2025. But within a decade, your lifetime, it is very much a highly possible reality. You will see the checks and balances ignored or changed. And heavy restrictions ‘for your best interest’. It is happening now.

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  1. this man is right and I praise him for bringing this to our attention

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