NFAC Jay Batshit Crazy (Still)

Self proclaimed preacher, Jay continues to spout out nonesense. Did you know Africans are the original Egyptians? And also the Original jews? Did you know they had a global empire? Or they built the pyramids?

Holy shit this guy is nuts. Here is his latest massacre of the ‘slave masters bible’ and Some other nonsense.

When a person is so desperate to be important, they grasp a straws, twist the truth, and form it to be about them. It does not matter there are a thousand years of proof.

The damaging part of this is other desperate people are listening and believing. Even if it was true, your ancestors achievements are not yours. He says all these lies of these great achievements that only came from Africans (somehow in the Middle East) to be proud of something. Nope. Sorry. Anywhere besides Africa and within Africa the most, is only from slavery that Africans created by selling their enemy tribe members they captured. Here is the crazy:

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