Young Girl Ready for the NFAC

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Young girl has more knowledge than Grand Retard Jay. Hello from the mayonnaise people as he calls whites.

2 thoughts on “Young Girl Ready for the NFAC

  1. Looks like a well taught and great student. She looks like she will be a natural. Compliments to her father.

  2. A few observations:

    Competency is gained from experience.
    Experience is best acquired from competent instructors.
    Competent instructors earn the respect and trust their students.
    Good students and competent instructors form some of the strongest personal bonds imaginable.

    Both the instructor and student exhibited excellent communication, disciplined observational skills, well managed physical movement, and well guided independent action.

    The student exhibited sound technical and safety knowledge. The distance to the steel was acceptable for lead reloads (it appears to be a bit close for use of jacketed ammunition).

    Quick recognition and correction of minor mistakes indicates good focus, observational awareness and recollection of previous proper training instruction. Well controlled enthusiasm appears to provide a firm foundation for continued growth and positive approach to skill improvement.

    It’s much easier to for smaller people to manage recoil and shoot accurately given the weight of full size service pistol. The two finger technique on the trigger is an excellent adaptation for limited finger strength (or heavy trigger pull).

    GM Jay should watch this video over and over again, and contemplate his recent career choice. Life is filled with challenges that many enthusiastically engage, like this father and daughter. But it can be a hell of a lot tougher when you are ignorant, inexperienced, arrogant, “in charge”, and aren’t as competent as a 10 year old.

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