Member Posting: Recipe for Destruction

1962: United States Supreme Court decided that prayer in public schools violated the First Amendment because it constituted the establishment of religion. So even though, from the foundation of this nation, prayer before the school day began was the standard of a respectful and reverent student body, it suddenly became “illegal” and forbidden.

1963: The Supreme Court forbid public school students from reading their Bibles. Even though all of our nation’s schools and colleges were not only founded on biblical principles, but the Bible was the standard textbook from which many students learned to read and the Book from which they gained their moral compass, the simple decision of a few men rendered it, too, forbidden.

1973: The Supreme Court decided the murder of unborn babies would now become “legal”. There were many other Supreme Court decisions along the way that seemingly became the “law of the land’, even though the Supreme Court has NO authority to make laws. Yet we quietly acquiesced to each one.

2015: The Supreme Court decided it was now the “law of the land” that men may marry men and woman may marry women, and anyone who opposed this was labeled a “hater”. Meanwhile the church people simply rolled over and continued to sleep, just as they have since 1962.

Judicial supremacy is a fallacy that a weak-minded people readily acquiesce to.

Today our Creator has been thrown out of public education entirely, as our Godly heritage and history is sandblasted from public view.

What we currently see and will continue to experience is the eradication of our liberties and freedoms.

Today, in schools and universities throughout our nation, children are taught that God doesn’t exist, morals are relative, the United States is a terrible place filled with bad people, and Marxist/Communist rule is the answer to our problems. The most disturbing facet of this all is the majority of Americans are too ignorant and delusional to recognize what is happening, let along have the mettle to fight for freedoms they don’t understand let alone know from where they are derived.

We will soon be unable to effect a change if we fail to change now.

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