Just a Few Rabbit Holes

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Some sources if you want to do your own research.
George Webb.  Years of research into the Deep State and much more.  Deep and technical but very important.


There’s a lot of documentation there on Corona as a bioweapon developed at Fort Detrick.   Here’s a taste:

Amazing Polly.  Not as technical as Webb, but important. Pay attention to the content, not the looks and personality.


This is bioweapons stuff.  It’s being used on you right now.
Sibel Edmonds has been mentioned here several times regarding the coup being played out now.
Diana West has good intel.  These two have info in many places, you’ll have to look for it.
There’s so much more out there, but you have to dig for it. If you’re interested.  These are just a few places to start. Good luck and stay frosty.

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