Ohio National Guard Called to Cleveland for Presidential Debate

Elements of the Ohio National Guard have been be called up to provide support for the first 2020 Presidential Debate, scheduled for next Tuesday in Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner School of Medicine Auditorium.
Cleveland’s Mayor Jackson may also impose a curfew to help maintain order, as was done after the May riot earlier this year.
The east-side neighborhoods that surround the campus where this debate will be held are not the most secure in the county. Resident’s in these areas, and in Cleveland’s surrounding inner ring suburbs including East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and Shaker Heights should prepare with appropriate caution.

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  1. Cleveland businesses are starting to board up in anticipation of unrest in the neighborhoods surrounding Cleveland Clinic where Tuesday’s presidential debate
    will be held. City Councilman Blaine Griffin knows his community, and properly recognizes the risk.


    Current total state and local law enforcement resources available in the area include:
    • 1200 Cleveland Police Department patrol officers
    • 300 Ohio National Guard soldiers
    • 200 Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers (estimated based on previous riot deployments)
    • 300 other police officers from private agencies in the area include the Cleveland Clinic, University Circle, University Hospital, & Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University Police Departments.
    • 183 deputies with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff
    • 250 officers with the Regional Transit Authority, and Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Police.

    Surrounding suburban police departments will probably remain within their jurisdictions to protect their citizens.

    As happened in the May 2020 riots in downtown Cleveland, coordination and communications between all of these different state, county, city, private police, and national DHS resources can, at best, be expected to be chaotic.

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