Countdown 43 Days, RBG (judge) Death Increasing Leftists Volatility

As the election grows closer, the hopes of the extremist left are held in the corruption of mail in voting and holding out to reelection judges and senate.
RBGs death struck a seriously damaging blow to the evil agenda they have been pushing. The reaction demonstrates the importance and outright insanity rage.

Maybe this person is just a coward, maybe she will blind police with lasers, throw frozen water bottles, or inform on police locations to be assasinated. Or she is donating massive amounts, in some case 8,000 or more dollars a month to BLMand other terrorist organization. They give all their income away due to the OCD type of behavior.

We have documented tens of millions raised on gofundme alone. It is money for body armor, weapons, and other gear in preparation for the war. They have been practicing and testing improvised weapons and other equipment.

the battleground cities are defined. We all know them. And suburbs have been defined as well. You know it if you live there as you have already seen it.

More to come today.

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