Ramiro Carrasco Shooting (“That aint even his gun)

This is an older shooting, pre-AMCOM (july-2020); though relevant to what we are trying to accomplish here, which is getting the unbiased news, and adding our bias. (Though the videos can not be biased so that is what you should be believing).

The shooting occurred shortly after 1 a.m., Feb. 26, 2020 in the area of the Island Grove Apartments located at 119 14th Ave. in Greeley, Colorado. The DA’s office said the Greeley Police officer, who has not been named, was justified in using lethal force against 30-year-old Ramiro Carrasco.

There are many police shootings around the country. Thousands per year. Many less are fatal. 99%+ are justified. Here is a case where if there was not a body cam, we would not see the gun on Mr Sleepy’s lap. Then his passenger, another lying criminal scumbag says, “That’s note even his gun”. Well, why is it there, who’s gun is it, and why do felons have a fiream in a vehicle?

Criminals lie ALL of them lie. ALL. In the real world, there is little merit to telling the truth – it only means something to the specific person. Of course if you lie, break leases or contracts, you get sued, get bad credit, or other. On the criminal side, there is ZERO upside to tell the truth. If you disagree, you are naive and you need to grow up. People lie and ALL criminals lie. Criminals commit crimes. Maybe, as we see by re-incarceration rates, there is a small about of felons (ex-criminals) that do not lie. But these are not criminals. ALL criminals lie.

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  1. Totally justified shooting. As soon as the perp heard ” just wait till another officer arrives”. I guess the perp figures i might as well go for it while im here with a lone officer. Good news is the officer went home at the end of his watch.

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