NFAC is International and is of Interest

Many in the community made joke and laughed at the NFAC when they did their first march. They someone shot someone At their staging area. They have many land whales. The leader of NFAC is racist (this is a fact, MiC-T), a separatist, and beyond racist, actually hates all white people because a fraction of 1% have descendants from many generations ago that owned slaves. The rest were too poor to own slaves and many immigrated long after that time.

What NFAC dear leader is doing us working. He is in their face 2-3 time each day, for 2-3 hours. That is the time needed to brainwash.

As time passes, Followers have increased dramatically and as that happens, people also spread the word. It is working. This is not a new tactic. This is a known way to indoctrinate people little by little each day. The media and educational systems has been doing it for years.

We have monitored the comments, with NPL (part of our software costs), which Is natural language processing. This is used to extract the sentiment or meaning from a sentence or paragraph is natural language processing. This is used to extract the sentiment or meaning from a sentence or paragraph. The software then can classify it as a negative or positive statement. It translates to the comments analysis by indicating there is a trend but only in the growth of the audience but the acceptance and promotion of the ideals.

And we are starting to see an international social media collaboration This is one example. This person is calling for ‘boots on the ground with rifles in the United States.’ How many people did it take to import from other countries to fly the planes to cause massive damage?

We already know BLM and NFAC have stated that they want to see the police officers for the Brianna shooting put in jail. There is a $20 million settlement, it has been signed and therefore executed. This is a payoff to protect the officers and the state from the current and future. This means there can be no further civil lawsuits, no further criminal lawsuits, no further anything.

This is not the justice that the BLM and NFAC are demanding so we shall see how serious they are to take up arms. NFAC leader says ‘All eyes on Brea’. The worlds eyes are on the USA.

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