Serious Warning to Politicians by Veteran

What this guy is speaking is what the overwhelming majority thinks. Those who do not think this now, will, when their family starts to starve. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Those who have savings, have depleted it or will deplete it soon without income.

States that still have destructive shutdowns will create a new class of poor people – everyone. This is their plan- wealth redistribution by force. It is happening right now.

Wealthy business owners can not survive long without customers. Federal and state funding, insurance, and other paycheck substitutes cost and require a tax payer base to operate. If no one is working, there are no taxes collected. We have yet to face this catastrophe – all cities bankrupt.

Covid was an excuse. We know now it is massively overestimated. Hospitals played their scams to get more funding by the government for each covid patient. So everyone has covid. Free money always destroys everything around it. This is fraud.

So here we are. A guy that is telling the truth. America is facing many enemies – many are from within. There are domestic terrorist groups, radical militias, fires as natural disasters that are being started by these terrorist groups and their supporters. These are all facts.

If people are prevented to work, they will have to do something. They will open their businesses any way. They will bring back their employees, but only a small fraction. They will get fined from their own government, and then forcefully closed. They will reopen or some grey markets will appear. It is difficult to predict.

What we do know is if you take a normal person and deprive them of sleep for a few days, they can become homicidal, violent, or something else. This is from thinking patterns being affected, and this is slight.

When you take a population that is armed and deprive them of the means to survive, in the literal, non-exaggerated sense, and they believe they have nothing to lose or the consequences are less than or acceptable for their actions to save their families and their employees families that depending them – they will do whatever it takes.

This is about re-opening. So the move is for the citizens to re-open. If they do so in an organized fashion, all on the same day, then it will take more time for the fines and then stand-offs.

The stand-offs are difficult to predict. This person has been warned, already received fines, and now have police to ‘shut them down’. The person says no. They try to arrest the person. The person is prepared. The police enter the business and are in the persons territory – the police will lose. Then SWAT is sent. More will die. It depends on the training and traps.

Or the police refuse to enforce these corrupt laws. Maybe the politicians will re-open reluctantly. Unless they are democratic dictators. We know who they are – they all have the same MO – a grudge against normal people and a hatred of white people. Trump has been having rallies. BLM and Antifa have been rioting for months. Where are the huge outbreaks that should be happening?

If the violence does happen like this, perhaps it is better to skip the middle men and go straight for the leadership. Enough people at once will absolutely be successful in all cases.

All of them.

When it comes down to it, it doesnt matter what people write or what they say. If you push people, they will always push back. If you try to kill them by starving their families, especially Americans, well, pick out a casket.

Regarding the staving – I believe this is happening and not exaggerating. Unless the food banks are constantly resupplied, they can exhaust in 2-3 days. It is really that fast.

PLEASE: check with your local food bank to see what their situation is. Post it here so we can get an idea how it is nationwide. Remember, this group was created to mobilize us all – this is one of those situations. Check if they can accept deliveries – then ask what they need. Then go online and order what you can, and have it delivered to the food bank. It is so easy.

Let all the other members know here if your food bank needs help. There are over 162,000 of us so far – we can re-supply all of them – if we wanted.

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  2. Somebody please post any credible article stating antifa starting fires here in the West is ‘fact’. The suspects seem too old to be antifa pussies and very highly meth-addicted. Believe me, I despise antifa with every fiber of my being and I dont need any more motivation to go after them. I just want to the truth. Stating it is ‘fact’ that antifa is starting fires could damage our credibility unless you can document it. Peace from Ground Zero, East Bay, CA

    1. Checked and applied for food at my local food banks and was emailed that no support was available at this time . I can say with confidence that Michigan has one of the worst governors when it comes to re-opening our state and basically everything else . Savings deplete very very rapidly when there are no deposits going in thanks to our democratic leadership . It TRULY is about human lives and they ONLY care about themselves no matter who loses everything including their lives . I have trouble convincing friends and family that I am close with to stop buying into the fear that is being shoved down our throats . I haven’t worn a mask from day 1 and still have yet to know someone directly or indirectly to die from covid . I do however know people that have unfortunately died because of the havoc that comes with keeping people caged in their homes with no end in sight , just unknowns . Are we going to stand aside in silence while our country literally crumbles !! Too many men and women have bled and died for us to live in the only free country on this planet ! All we have to do is look at the past and see just how fast countries can 180 for the absolute worst (hell) …We need to open our eyes ,voices and more or we will lose everything we hold dear .

      1. Interesting on the Michigan food banks. I wonder how families are being fed now. The economy was not that great there before the shut downs.
        I am in washington state (inland spokane area). The food banks are operating and there are huge lines like never before. and they say it has been like that for months.
        Instead of supporting amazon, i setup some delivery from the local grocers – they need the business too. thinking a facebook group would be very useful since everything happens on facistbook still.

        1. True and I did not dive too deep In the realm of food banks etc. just made a quick inquiry out of curiosity . I will say that Michigan is and always has been a big state that is dependent on gov. And state. I’ve lived in many states where it isn’t so apparent.

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