The other side of BLM and police

This happens every single day, multiple times. Police respond to a call for a crime. Then, the violent scumbags try to kill them. Every day. This is the job. And these obviously evil people complain with another crackhead takes a dirt nap from an overdose, overdose, overdose, or trying to kill police. Same story every day.

It is such a shame when some drugged up violent felon is repeating a crime, high beyond normal human capabilities, feeling zero pain and not reacting normally to tasers, or sprays. Then they keep going, try to kill the police and get shot. If they die, the police are really saving the tax payers a lot of money. A lot of money. (It is not a 100% bad situation, always look for the rays of sunshine!)

Housing, clothing, feeding, and providing cable tv, video games, and other entertainment in prison is extremely expensive. Send them to the coal mines.

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