Open Season on Antifa, but there is a cost [member content]

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this is in no way condoning or suggesting violence. Patriots are allowed to defend themselves. And in most states minimal force is required for weaponless combat. This means for example this guy essentially running up behind him because he is an Antifa coward running away and is also a extremely weak man trapped in a small boys body gets pushed down. Which in this case is enough and borderline because he was retreating. But then hitting somebody in the back of the head in a civilized country and especially in the United States is not the right way.

If this was Afghanistan, then well if you could shoot them in the back of the head, or you would stab him in the sides or neck/shoulder area, under the arm pit area, or any of those soft organ areas. But this is not worth time. Not yet.

so these fights or attacks have to be in self-defense when in the presence of cameras or police or any witnesses that are credible or the defense of somebody else. But you really need to check your state laws. Essentially the courts do not want citizens going out and starting fights like the criminals because it makes us the same as them.

For some people once they are turned on, it is difficult for them to draw the line between combat and civilian type of fighting. These types of people should not be out there. Save them for when we need them.

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  1. Do not pursue, do not confront, do not provoke, do no threaten, in fact, do not speak a word. Look at Sandmann for an example. If there’s outright civil war, you won’t miss that fact and unfrotunatey, we’ll all be obligated to participate whether we like it or not. Until then and in fact even then, keep your cool and stay out of anything that might lead to a prosecutable offense in the eyes of an unfriendly D.A. .

    Outside of Commiefornia et. al.- which I believe has a duty to retreat inside your own house – the law provides for you to defend yourself , your loved ones and your property. Most of us only need what the law provides.

    Cameras are everywhere. In a moment of confrontation, you won’t be able to decide if you’re being filmed by your worst enemy or not. You have to assume you will be. You have to conduct yourself accordingly.

    All that aside, consider that it is just the incredible restraint patriots have shown in the face of a violent, Marxist insurrection that has made it impossible for the Marxists to get what they want: a Kent State style reaction they can whip into a loss of sympathy for us.

    Only one side is filmed beating up elderly people. Only one side is filmed screaming racist obscenities into Black cop’s faces. Only one side is filmed torching businesses.

    People *instinctively* process that information and *instinctively* hate the vandals and terrorists. That’s why society can even cohere in the first place- because people hate disorder and criminality.

    People’s revulsion towards what their own eyes see is coming straight out of the most ungovernable, primitive parts of their brains. They can’t turn it off even if they want to and those reactios are our most powerful weapon in the battle for hearts and minds.

    Anitifa is heading into hyperflation territory with their mass printing of Latino, Black and soccer mom converts to our side.

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