Poly AR500 Body Armor Plate Test

There are many options for plates, and with the current events, demand sky rocketed, causing an increase in production, new companies, and new products and features for them to compete.

capitalism is great for meeting citizen needs and inventing new technologies. War, is even better; much of the advances we have seen have been related to that type of demands.

Technologies, including chemicals and means of production, can invent some very interesting stuff.

There are a few basic types of armor; soft weaved Kevlar type materials, steel/metal type plates, ceramics, laminated or combined materials, layered materials, and plastics type of materials. Then curvature, coatings for durability, frags, and deflection trajectory deflection. (Make it bounce not in your leg arteries or neck.

Different materials have different weights, velocity resistance, and susceptibilities.

This test is on a poly blend of plastics. It is extremely light weight, and durable. However, it has its weaknesses. While ceramics depend on the putter shell to breakup the round into smaller pieces with less mass while slowing it, to bring the velocity and weight (force of it) down enough so it will not ‘punch’ (think of a paper punch) though it, ceramics damage at each spot which is essentially a single use by impact armor. The damaged or compromised area can be smaller or larger depending upon the round, velocity, and material.

These polys seem to have interesting properties that can work in many cases.

The subject of body armor is confusing and is difficult to determine what is correct. Each manufacturer assumes you know the above very well. No one knows this stuff unless they’ve been dealing with it.

ACP members: if you would like us to dig into this subject at the expert level, we certainly can. After reading/viewing the information, you would know exactly what each material is, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and usage scenarios. For the business folks out there, it would be a SWOT of body armor. SWOT is strength weakness opportunity threat.

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  1. Interesting , def. gets confusing when trying to decide what to purchase for individual needs . I was not aware of the NIJ certification differences and am interested in gaining in depth knowledge of this stuff . I’ve viewed a bit on the tube and online trying to purchase but have procrastinated due to lack of understanding in order to decide what is best for my needs

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