NFAC Leader claims he filed ‘papers in the world court’ to be declared a nation within a nation to get reparations

Simply amazing. But let’s look at the reality. Legal papers are legal papers. Filing cases like these are public. There is no world court that is going to affect the USA. The UN can not tell us to tie our shoes , less start declaring nations inside of nations.

So here is the game. The Native American tribes have nations of sorts on tribal land. They have casinos. They have alchohol am, crime, and poverty. This is what NFAC is shooting for.

Indian reservations do not have standing armies. They never will. The reservations where created and the Indians moved to them; instead of killing them all. Those were the options those days. Or, let them continue to attack settlers. Historically speaking, this is the jest of it.

Africans are not natives to North America. There is no way anyone is going to give them any land to do what they do now in their current cities.

He then goes on to claim inventions for Africans and theorizing. The Black Panther fantasy film really did a number on him. Then land management … just stupidity.

What we do know is nothing is never enough. If this fantasy land was given, they would simply move the bar to ‘those damn whites are on the border and we need room to expand’. Which would lead to a way and well, maybe just something more permanent. It is just crazy.

When you take away the excuses, you are just left with yourself. It’s the exact same person, capabilities, and resources. Because excuses are made up in the mind and can be anything. And they are endless.

How about this: stop committing crimes. Do your community watch like nice places do. Actually give a shit and care about other things and people instead of yourself. This guy is 50 something and still has not figured out there is no magic fix, no perfect situations, no perfect timing, and no perfect plans. You just have your two hands, your mind, and now. So stop waiting for some magic easy scenario and blaming everyone else in the meantime.

Put down the drugs and booze, pick up a book. Stop killing your neighbor and getting the teenage girl pregnant. Do the right thing. That’s it. Just do the right thing.

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