Sons Of Liberty Are Harassed In Seaside Oregon For Waving American Flags On The Side Of The Road

Q; Why are you out here today?
A: I’m part of the silent majority. I’ve been a keyboard warrior for a long time. I’ve had to hide my oppinion since it is considered racists because I think all lives matter.

This is where we are. If you control speech, you control thoughts. Before you speak, you must think of what to say and what not to say. When you start filtering that thinking, it changing the brain pathways. It is seriously and permanently damaging.

The brainwashed youth are so resistant to logic and common sense because these pathways in the brain are already formed, from terrible parents teaching their children to be communist and no less than evil teachers who manipulate and use children for their own political agenda.

When the brain received information, it will accept ad reinforce easily, already known information. Information that in contrary essentially slams into a wall and it filtered by default as false. People with high cognitive abilities can reconsider information which requires more energy. This is why they get a blank face and want to take a nap when you tell them the world is round.

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