Member Post: Communist ANTIFA Thugs Are Organized

As a Marine from the Old Guard (Cold War) I have watched and observed all of this develop for the last 30 years. An old Nam vet opened my eyes by “Red Pilling” me before that ever became a term. I was telling family and friends we were heading to this very scenario since 1992. They all thought I was a nut job conspiracy kook and told me so. Yet, here we are.

I was trained during the Cold War on how the communist’s tactics worked. I was also trained that we had communists in our country, in our government, media and colleges working to subvert our government and capitalism. So as I have watched this insanity grow over the years, I was watching the frog slowly heat up in the pot of water. Checking of the different stage step by step. Well the pot is now boiling and we are past the point of no return.

I say all that to say this….WHAT MAKES AN AMERICAN? Is it biological thing like being Jewish, Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian or Arabian? Is it Ancestral Blood Lines like Royalty and ancient claims on land? NO! America and being American is an Ideology! It is based on Freedom, Justice and Liberty. And yes we have had our share of injustice in our country and still do, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. When enemy subversives are on your countries soil and are subverting the constitution, rule of law and our way of life inch by inch……They are NO LONGER AMERICANS! They have turned against the very country that gives them the Freedom of Assembly, the Freedom of Speech. If a Company of Russian soldiers parachuted into Kenosha or Portland and started burning buildings, terrifying people and killing people, you would have NO Issue with civilians killing them.

We now have the same communist ideology being bused in and driving in to these cities by the hundreds and we claim they are Americans? An American is not going to burn down another Americans home or business, An American will not shoot another American to loot a TV (Capt. David Dorn), An American would not be destroying cop cars and trying to burn down police precincts in cities where the “Injustice” occurred, An American would not walk up and execute another American for wearing a hat he didn’t like.

The following video link is the full video of the execution of a Trump supporter in Portland. I want you to pay attention to the organization of these insurgents and their willingness to mislead the police and other onlookers.

1 thought on “Member Post: Communist ANTIFA Thugs Are Organized

  1. Yes, sir. Thank you for this. I don’t see a vid link here, but have seen some elsewhere. Looks to be a 3 man, 1 woman well trained assassination team.
    Many are underestimating these groups, and that is a very, very serious mistake. They are well trained, well funded, and as you point out, have been at this for a very long time. One shouldn’t be fooled by the fodder on the front lines, it’s the ones behind them that need looking after.

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