Antifa Intel Dump

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Below is an Intel dump that includes direct ANTIFA handbooks, tactics, toolbox, and other resources. This domestic terrorist organization has got to the young people first, before their parents or from their parents, to teach these communist and Marxist ideologies.

What young people, especially children, learn first, will become the standard in their minds. Any other different ideology will first be thought of as wrong, and then possibly analyzed if they are intelligent, but most likely discarded immediately. That is the blank stare on their face when trying to explain or debate with them. This is a known mechanism of how people learn and it is utilized by these organizations to ‘get to them first’.

We also know these are not geniuses that are falling for this. Any mild thought exercise on any o these subjects will quickly fail – stupid people fall for these ideologies. Stupid people are easy to control. Stupid people are also unlikely to change their minds – it requires energy and causes headaches. No that is not a joke.

The point is, most are irretrievable from these cults and those that exercise freewill with moderate intelligence will find their way – if exposed to the truth. That is our only job, besides teaching them first. This requires effort on our part. Many parents have failed on this part by having blind, unwarranted trust in strangers teaching their children. It sounds stupid as written because it is stupid.

We can only do it right going forward, hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Antifa Intel Dump

  1. Nothing like the kettle calling the pot black! WOW! These people are literally insane.
    Stay safe and be prepared for everything!

  2. Wow great Intel to see how these succubus move Thanks AmCon, once my personal life starts slowing down, ill donate my time, aswell.

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