NFAC Tries to Associate With Trump

When you associate with important people, take a photo, tell someone you know them, or in a negative light, that you are being investigated by them – well, you just must be so important.

Trump mentioned briefly in a recent interview, there were thugs on a plane. His plane? I doubt it very much. Some plane, yes; that is how they get there.

So the NFAC leader, oh, he loves being called a leader, now tries to calim association with what Trump said. You can not prove a negative. We can not say no, it was absolutely not NFAC members on teh plane. This makes it a perfect lie – except the NFAC keader has no idea, specifcally what plane, what flight, what time, what airline, and what day, these thugs were on the plane.

But is sounds good. To not very smart people that are easily tricked and mislead. Leader of the ignorant, desperate, and blind is a leader of exactly of that.

DJ Jazzy Jeff then goes onto the usual speak – you be enslaved! you be oppressed! whitey gonna get you! we need to go! we gonna have a grand rising! don’t pee in the wind toward you! (the best advice offered).

J does these videos each day. Sometimes twice. It is an addiction. Attention for some is a serious addiction. Validation from strangers is a serious addiction.

Instead of shouting at the dark, try lighting a candle.

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