Questions on Donations

Many people are asking on how to donate/help out AMCOM. Here is the link.

You can go here to donate and signup to the local website. Please note your account from here is not synced there so please do the quick signup. Signing up requires minimal information.

We certainly have entered a new chapter with this shooting. It has become more clear exactly what there rioters are about. These terrorists do not think if you as a person. They do not value your life. They hold no value to you at all. They WILL kill you if they have the chance. You do have to be near them for now. At some point, they may go into the residential areas again, most likely election day.

You need to be prepared. Minimal training in self defense and medical.

Comment here if you need help finding a training facility near you (leave your city) and lets help each other out with the information.

2 thoughts on “Questions on Donations

  1. We would like training, but being short on funds, it is an issue. My wife and I have 3 children, so funds can be tight. Still if there is training near the four corners area (We are near Durango, CO) we will try to save up for it. Even if for just one of us, that way that person can train the rest of the family. Stay safe.

    1. The best bet then it to do what Mike said in his latest video – sign up on the amcom site and this will allow you to have access to the free training he is providing – when/if he gets there. Another option is to reach out to your local training — go in person to have a conversation, and discuss the state of affairs. They have to be aware – and unless they are totally booked for classes all day long (unlikely), they may be able to fit you in. You may be able to help start a program with them. If they are Patriots, they should help. Period. And extra person or two is not going to cost but a few minutes more.

      If you are able to work out a deal/program with a local business owner, please follow up here for members and on the other sites so it is out there in the most places for everyone.

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