Know Your Enemy: Portland Antifa Exposed

First up is Nicholas Cifuni:

Nicholas Cifuni/Nick Cifuni is the guy in the video talking about gauging eyes and hiding weapons. He works at a bar called ‘The Bit House Saloon’ in Portland, the team call themselves “Team Riff Raff”. Found this article from 2017 that mentions him. Not political, just a Portland website about places to eat and drink and mentions his bar

And heres another article from 2016 naming him and his bar as a good place to check out

Heres some easily available info on The Bit House Saloon

There is no information on if the other people who work there are aware of Nicks Antifa involvement, or if they are involved themselves. Also no info on if there is some illegal money laundering activity where the bar acts as a front to generate money for Antifa.

First off I want to say that everything I post in this thread was easily available information they themselves provided or random articles about them they had a part in. In other words, none of this is doxxing.

Now, to get a better understanding of who these people are, watch THIS video from Project Veritas from June where they infiltrated Rose City Antifa


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