Sandia National Labs Rebel

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Casey Petersen is (was, he just lost his security clearance) an engineer at Sandia National Laboratories.  He is pushing back against Critical Race Theory being used to indoctrinate the employees at Sandia. The linked video linked below is a long one, but well worth your time.  He is very thorough in his revelations.  Eye opening and extremely troubling. Just one symptom of how very, very deep the rot goes.

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  1. This is so common at most large companies. Creating and chasing the boogeyman. Then having faces constantly tell us we an intrinsically racist because we are white and we can never not be racist. Well, fuck you. You are the racists.

    These companies perpetuate a serious problem that is only now surfacing. I go to ‘black’ youtube channels, radio shows, and other media. They are all pushing the same agenda that their lack of trying is not their fault. And the platforms are owned by very successful black owned businesses.

    So what is it? Racism, but only for people that don’t try? That does not make sense. Lies always require confusion and emotion to push the agenda. Simply disgusting.

    And the worst part is every child that is white being told they are intrinsically bad because they are white will go two primary directions. Once they are old enough, some, probably most, will realize this is a terrible lie and be very angry about it. The self esteem issues and confidence problems for young children this programming is causing is extremely harmful. The children that grow up and do not realize this is a lie will probably become the servants of the evil they were taught.

    The children that grow up that realize the lie are going to do what when they are in decision making positions as adults? Hire or make deals with the faces that have been calling them intrinsically bad all their lives OR have nothing to do with them.

    And you can not blame them. The lies come back always. This agenda is going to create a long term division last at least 2 generations. These children now, the young adults and their children will hear of it.

    We create our world by what we do and what we say. They are creating the real racist world. They will create a segregated, purposely separated, toxic world.

    It will be similar to the religious divisions in the 3rd world countries. It is not new. We can look and see how it goes.

    Protect your children. Teach them they are not evil because they are white. The country belongs to all of us. Take it back.

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