NFAC Leader Probably Insane; Offers Good Advice

Jay does daily videos called Morning Mental. Consistently. The latest videos he interprets the Bible literally, specifically the flood, and preaches his theory as fact of how it is possible. Certainly if it was possible, what he says is one way. However, concerning the flood, he believes or At least acts like he believes the literal ‘Gates of stars’ and ‘firmament andvwater in the sky’ kind of thing. It is absolutely crazy.

you need absolutely crazy if you are using religion and end days preaching to try to manipulate people. He Oslo has some new bling but of course, he is not getting paid for this. It is amazing what some people think is impressive. Like the 500$ spoiler on the back of the 500$ Rusty ford pinto race car.

The one positive thing he did say was for the people to do something about the crime in their own back yard. But he then quickly twisted citizens arrest into arresting the police. Going from reasonable to ignorant. Can lead be in the water of these neighborhoods.

Any way, here is the link to the video and channel. It is very interesting – like is Charles Manson had a YouTube channel. It is the mind of the lunatic per ghetto boys circa 1990’s. One thing is certain – he is entertaining, for an extremist racist ideologue.

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