(Kenoshaw) Patriots on the Ground: It Works

Patriots; citizens show up to protect and prevent. It is effective. In every event, it has been effective.

Frequently, Patriots are showing up. More and more, as we all realize it is not going to stop and it is not going to calm down.

These terrorists will only when someone stops them. If it is not the police, it is the local citizens.

We see in more cowardly democratic areas, the citizens are afraid to do anything. They are afraid to even say anything. Elsewhere, showing up is the new normal.

Proactive Patriot gatherings, counter-protests, or just a old fashion American picnic – we make them come to us.

We decide when and where. We keep them reacting. Not the other way, where we have been essentially directed by terrorists.

The flag waving events in Florida – it requires enemy BLM persons to show up. It draws from their resource pool.

This is the agreed strategy going forward. Patriots will be present. Patriots will proactively set events. Patriots will decide when and where.

For situations regarding lies about criminals that die, we can not decide the when; it happens. They will show. But, we can decide the how and we can control the situations with strategy.

If you look at Kenoshaw as a stage, we can see and determine where groups and resources are. We can see areas that offer certain capabilities. We need to look at this like war. Because it is.

And it will either keep escalating or Patriots can deescalate it.

It is ours to lose.

2 thoughts on “(Kenoshaw) Patriots on the Ground: It Works

  1. Here is a summary vid of the events;
    Saw a couple of vids of events just before the ‘headshot’ but lost them. The guy who was shot in the head threw a Molotov at the kid (he’s 17) with the AR. It didn’t break, The kid defended himself.
    Here’s a pic of the ‘arm shot ‘medic’.
    You can see the Glock in his hand. It’s also visible in the linked vid.
    Headshot Molotov guy died, as did Gutshot skateboard guy. The 17 year old kid apparently has been arrested for murder.

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